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"Sometimes the Truth Hurts"

The Real Truth behind Niagara Falls Politics

March 24, 2020

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well we here at the Pipeline are hoping each and everyone of you are taking the necessary precautions during this virus panic. With that being said news and talks have come to a screeching halt as there are no coffee shop restaurants to hang out at and get the City gossip. Everything has come to a standstill.

I imagine I can conjure up some stories let them fly and see who bites ,hell even Facebook stopped talking city or county politics until today.

Up until today the only peep we heard from Sideshow Bob was how to pay your taxes and water bill while City Hall was shut down. He made no comment about residents keeping safe he showed no concern as much as I am not a fan of Buffalo Mayor Brown, he at least showed some concern for his residents.

Anyway, Mayor Sideshow Bob wants to add a new job to the city payroll called Public information Officer $42,000.00 plus benefits the entire package will be about $60,000.00 Fortunately for the city residents we have 3 republican councilman who practice fiscal responsibility. Especially in the face of receiving no casino money and having a deficit of 16 million in the budget and now with the virus epidemic our hotel bed tax income will fall there goes another 10-12 out of the budget.

WRONG the 3 Republicans and Touma vote for the job the lone No vote goes to the only councilman with integrity and that is Bill Kennedy. Great job Bill you are a man of integrity.

I am curious what were the other 4 thinking what were you 4 promised and who is going to get the job guarantee is a friend and family appointment. This is just sad and appalling.

On to the Pipeline mailbox

So, sideshow bob steps into it


longshire <>

 Date: Sun, Mar 15, 2020 3:44 pm


"" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>

State and federal funds will be rolling in for this virus. Wonder what he'll be spending it on? New company car for the mayor? A statue for city hall? Line his pockets? This is a joke closing the schools. How can you close the schools and still give out the lunches? WHO’s going to volunteer for that? How many cases have been reported in the Falls? Or the county for that matter. Just a way to get people riled up and panicking. I don't remember this much "Sky is Falling" garbage when H1N1 was going around.

So, for the past couple weeks we had been doing a critique of fish fry Fridays well that came to an abrupt halt and I for one hate takeout fish fry, but our good friend Joe Shiro recommended 2 locations

Fish fry
Try Marino on pine across from st joes also Third street retreat in the Jefferson Apt’s Two great fish fries

So Joe we will give them a shot.

Anyways that’s it for this week hopefully things get rolling in the next few weeks so as always

keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline

March 10. 2020

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. So lets get up to speed. So Lenten fish fry report first last week we went to Toast and Roast as we heard the former caterer from the Elks club was now doing fish on Friday so we decided to give it a shot. Well the baked and breaded fish we had were both very good but the sides well that’s another story was very disappointed I will give the Fish 4 and the sides a 2.5 on the side scale. This past Friday we tried Soliday’s always one of my favorite spots. We were there early 4:30 a total of 5 people in dining room and about 10 at the bar .My baked fish came out swimming in a plate of water, Mrs. Pipeline beer battered was dripping, fries were the only sides, for only having about 15 people there the food was cold  total utter disappointment. They get a ½ fish on the fish scale.

Now on to the condition of the city. Well after 60 days in City Hall I fail to see anything of substance going on in fact the only thing I have seen done is a new medium being built on 27th and Grand Ave. with all the money problems we have is this something to piss away money on?

Check out the NFWB page the Inventory Clerk job has been posted It kind of looks Taylor made for former City of NF Council Member Charles Walker as rumors around Niagara Falls is that who the job is for, curious to see or hear of anyone else applying. We are hearing some coffee shop rumors that Ralph Aversa will get reappointed to the Niagara Falls Water Board to either one of the 2 woman’s spots as we know Rene Kimbal is going to be reappointed.

Well Grand Island not happy about Amazon building there and people are screaming bring it to Niagara Falls, on face value that’s not bad but what is the incentive, high taxes shitty roads, toxic land. Too many negatives for it to come to Niagara Falls.

Garbage fee bills coming to a mailbox near you, now I know many of you are complaining about it but really you were paying it before it was just called a tax now at least its spread out among more people.

Heard the Mayor make comment about casino money will not be till the fall. I wonder if he has a magic crystal ball in his office that told him that. The prudent thing is to start working on the budget as if those funds are not showing up, which is what myself and many others believe. Let’s not get caught with our pants around our ankles and bank on it and  then the money never arrives.

Once again petition season is upon us only this year we also have democrat and republican committee people up for election. A young man came to my door for republican signature he said its his first time he wanted to get involved and make some changes on the committee this should be interesting.

Looks like our friend Joe S. is feeling better as he has started calling into the radio shows again giving them hell. Also here is another submission from our friend longshire,

Date:     Mon, Mar 02, 2020 12:49 pm

To:         "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>


Your now council chairmen.Time to get off your ass and light a fire under sideshow bob's ass.So far,The city has stayed in Dyster mode. A recent chase through the yards and we haven't seen a patrol since. And now,A car jacking at the coastal on 19th. Maybe you should focus on the city itself instead of giving gorge tours.Or are you going to be another Touma,When a problem arises,Are you going to say "That's Unacceptable" a couple of hundred times and walk away? So far,It's looking like sideshow bob is going to be Dyster's perfect replacement.The only difference is,ego driven sideshow bob will have a statue carved of himself to replace the abortion Dyster paid for at the roundabout.

And congrats to The Edge of the Falls we understand their studio is now up and running and ready to give them hell

Anyways that’s it keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline