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" The Pipeline "


The idea for Niagara's Pipeline.com was thought of about 4 years ago. I have slowly been developing what type of content I wished to present. I have been very fortunate that many residents and politicians throughout the area have been comfortable enough to speak with me about things they see and hear going on in their communities.

These citizens always wanted a way for this information to be relayed to the general public but didn't know how to go about it, so with that in mind I developed the Niagara's Pipeline.com . I will lay down in print what I hear and have been told out there for the public to make a decision.

I will not be afraid to ask the questions that people want to know nor will I will  be afraid to print the real truth behind Niagara Falls Politics. I will expose the hard truth so that politics in our area becomes more transparent.

 I can and will assure anyone that wants to pass on information or

suggestions that their identity shall remain confidential.

The Pipeline

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The Real Truth behind Niagara Falls Politics

"Sometimes the Truth Hurts"