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January 24, 2020

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week.So sorry things have been extremely quiet. Even with all my eyes and ears that I have in the city everything has gone silent. They say everything is hush hush. That could be a good thing or bad thing. Time will tell.

We went thru our first snowstorm of this administration and yes there was the usual moaning and groaning, but in driving around it seems a lot of it was warranted. My question is did plow drivers do crappy job on purpose or were they told how the streets should be plowed. I see lots of people saying well it’s a new administration give them time. To that I say nonsense. The drivers have been doing this for many years it should come as 2nd nature. The next storm should tell the tale, if the new DPW head addresses this and roads are better than that will be the answer. Believe me I have the upmost respect for the city employee’s, yet I can’t help thinking there was more to it than meets the eye.

We did get wind of a juicy rumor but remember folks its just a rumor we were not able to verify, but we have heard that a city vehicle on it’s way to Albany got pulled over because the registration was 6 months past due. We kind of think that it’s far fetched but stranger things have happened.

So, Chris Voccio wants to  give our Council meetings a little more dignity. We simply can’t allow a small number of misguided souls to pollute the public discourse, unnecessarily prolonging meetings and preventing many of our good citizens from attending our meetings because they are turned off by a few uncouth people. We must raise the bar for what is acceptable behavior at Council meetings.(copied from Niagara Reporter)

I agree as sometimes there are folks that ramble about nothing, my concern is who determines that and does this give the council  a range of censorship. Time will certainly tell.

I for one would like to see a stop to the walk on resolutions unless it is an extreme emergency. The council approves without having the necessary time to  really investigate it and it comes back to haunt the city.

It was nice to see the city had increased parking revenue I only wonder how much more they could have gotten. Point the lot just past the Castellani art gallery. Many time’s there was no one at the entrance and people just pull in park free .I know previous years it was always maned. Of course, the answer I hear is we did not have the help to man it. That’s a poor excuse because I car per hour would have covered the salary of a seasonal employee. Penny wise ,dollar foolish that’s the city.

It looks like Jay Zona has tossed out the first shot at council chairman calling him Joccio on a Facebook post This will be interesting to see how this plays out.Also, a very ugly exchange between a resident called Vernon L. and Voccio developed have to wonder if this will make its way  to a council meeting.

Well we are waiting to see who gets named to any of the numerous boards and if there will be any hold over’s, at the Niagara Falls Water Board a lot of rumors are flying. Especially with a new majority council. For the record all 5 members on water board are up for reappointment with Renee Kimble being the longest tenured member back from the days of John Ceretto.

Also, for those not aware there is a city election this year as all city committee people from all parties are up for election. Lots of big questions. Will Lisa Vitello continue to stay on as Democrat City Chairman or will Restaino try to recruit committee members favorable to him and take control there? Will William Carroll still have the support of the city Republican Committee people or as a strong rumor will a new young faction try to wrestle control.  Lots of unanswered questions coming to a voting booth near you.

We understand the city is trying to get control of the vacation rental business in town and get tax dollars from the aka “Bed tax” .For my money I would rather the city get control on the slum lords and clean that mess up.

Community Development who is running the ship? We haven’t heard anyone appointed to that position or if someone was it was done quietly.

Finally, I will just say $3,800.000.00, yes that’s all I will say but I have a funny feeling this number will be popping up

As always keep the information flowing,

 The Pipeline




January 10,2020

Finally, Friday my favorite day of the week. So, as we move into a new year with a new administration, we see many story lines in the beginning stages. Take for instance the call out from council chairman Chris Voccio who is requesting residents of our great city to take part in a number of volunteer boards that will help direct our city. While the majority of these are strictly volunteer,  I believe a couple pay a whopping $25.00-$50.00 a  month. Big bucks  for some folks. Now these committees have been going on for many many years so when I see people on Facebook criticizing  Voccio for making this request for residents to help I just have to laugh and think how dumb you all are.This is a common occurrence every 2 years or so the council chair issues that request.Just shows how little knowledge some folks have of how things work.

With that being said the key to this all is who gets selected for what volunteer board.Many selected will be part of the overall friends and family game plan  as some of these positions will be to recommend hire’s, approvals for loans,zoning,planning.These boards will recommend to the Mayor or Council what their pleasure is.So for this we need to keep a close eye out.

One particular board to watch is the waterboard, we have already heard Rene Kimble is pushing someone very very close to her from Grand Island to be placed on the board.No doubt there is a game plan there.

Still lots of chatter about the acting city administrator, we will need to keep a close eye especially on expenses, there is no doubt in my mind that someone will take a cut in salary of $40,000 without it coming back some other way. Let’s see if the council is diligent enough to scruntize what’s going on.

Speaking of watching the dollars it does not appear that the end to the casino revenue sharing dispute is going anywhere. That means no money for the city. It would be nice to hear that the council and Mayor are looking at this NOW instead of at budget time. Silence is not golden, if residents don’t hear that this is something you are all working on with alternate plans than our position is you are doing nothing prove me wrong.

Everything  on the coffee shop talk tour has been quiet, one can only think that this is the calm before the storm.

Speaking of storms we hear that Brett Biro and his partner in crime at The Edge of the Falls are now doing live podcasts we anticipate a no holds barred tell it like it is attitude from them, especially since our friends at the reporter have gone soft.

Anyways I am heading out to enjoy this great Saturday
so as always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

January 3, 2020

Finally Friday, Finally the New Year, well I am back from a much needed rest. I would like to start off by saying that we here wish Paul Dyster well as he leaves office. No matter if you loved him hated him or tolerated him he still spent 12 years in office and he definitely had a target on his back for that time. Yet to give up one’s time for public service is a lot to do for any person.

So, a new administration, like I said before out with the old in with the older. Was glad to see both Fire and Police Chief staying place, both have done good jobs and seemed to be liked by their people.

City Clerk that name came out of left field ,that name was not even a rumor, will she get a residency waiver? Then comes  the City Administrator, there were numerous rumors of him selling his house and moving into the city. Right like that was going to happen, so they circumvent  the  requirements and name him Acting C.A. My guess is he’s acting CA until 2024. They are trying to make this a feelgood move saying he can only make $35,000.00 or it affects his retirement. City council you better be watching that budget like a hawk as I bet expenses are paid to compensate him the difference in salary.

 This will be interesting with all the budget issues. Can Tony R. pull out an old trick like he used under the Galie administration, for those that don’t remember they tried to lay-off 27 firefighter’s but hid the money in the budget and council found it and restored the jobs ,is this council that smart to look or will they all be rubber stamps? Only time will tell.

We have heard and been told that a certain retired city worker who ran around town with Restaino signs plastered on his truck and on his property is fuming and screaming that I guess you can’t trust your friends  as  Joe. P was not named DPW chief instead former DPW chief  and retired city employee Dave Kinney was renamed .

We are also hearing Ralph Aversa not happy s he has not been named Community Development head yet. We were shocked that Marie Brown was not named controller but maybe she just doesn’t want the headaches anymore, can’t say that e blame her.

So, with this new administration will we see new waterboard directors appointed. Remember Restaino stated he wants to work closely with the waterboard. Let’s keep a close eye on that.

Over to the council Chris ”coffee” Voccio has been selected council chair by his peers. We here have been critical of Chris, but now he is really in the crosshairs lets see if he shits or gets ff the pot as the old saying goes

So, Pipeliner’s we are back, we are rested , full of piss and vinegar and ready to go

So as always Keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline

December 6, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week.Well Pipeliners with Christmas just being a couple weeks away and everything being quiet
I am going to take some time off from weekly writing to get some much needed things done.
Besides it has been  quiet around town so instead of just writing to write I will wait to see what happens with appointments to City Hall
and a final version of the last Dysaster budget.
So we will start fresh on December 27th with our naught and nice list and our predictions for 2020
as always keep the information flowing and Merry Christmas

The Pipeline

November 28, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Also 1 of my 2 favorite holidays Thanksgiving.

I want to start of by saying on behalf of all the contributors here at the Pipeline, Happy Thanksgiving to  all of our readers .

So, it is the  9th Annual Thanksgiving Turkey of the year award’s so let’s get right into it.

Hitting the #3 spot for Turkey of the year goes out to  the 4,835 people who shamelessly elected Robert Restaino as Mayor and to Team Elders who was part of the sham.

Turkey Award #2 goes: to Lame Duck Mayor Paul Dyster, for the lame budget he proposed ,Paul after screwing the taxpayers for the past 12 years you could have produced a realistic budget to show how bad a shape the city is in.

Our #1 Turkeyof the year: is shared by the City council,who caved into the Mayor’s budget and showed no real cuts in expenses instead saddled us with a garbage”fee”.

This Year's Wishbone Award
: goes to  Council Member Kenny Tompkins for once again for lying during the campaign season. The first time if you remember was when  Ken campaigned the first time and said throughout his whole campaign he would not take the city free health care or the buyout and he would get rid of both.   

Niagara Falls City Councilman Kenny Tompkins Gets "Nothing But Grief" Over Campaign Promise
Author: Steve Brown
Published: 11:00 PM EST February 9, 2016

 A promise is a promise. But in politics, a promise is a vow. Break a political promise, expect to pay a price. Kenny Tompkins knows exactly what happens when you break a campaign promise. "Tompkins takes the Free City health care"

Now Mr. Tompkins campaigned this time saying he would never vote for the garbage fee and he said many times that the tax payers cannot afford anymore increases. Yep Old Kenny Boy lied again , he did what he was told by the Police and Fire Unions and voted for the Garbage fee to save their $100,0000+  jobs.

So, speaking of the fee it was a 3-2 vote in favor of it. Readers here want to know your specific reasons for passing it up to now it’s been lip service,and if you didn’t vote for it what plans, or ideas are in place to fix the budget.

Transparency in what’s going on in city hall is all we are asking for.Where is our money going?

So, we have to face the fact Restaino is Mayor, as a resident what is his plan? Who will lead the council so far, we have heard 4 of the current council want the chairmanship? We will hold our judgement till the choice is made.

Did anyone catch this weeks Sal Paonessa with the E.O.E Jim Swedo ,well if you didn’t one of our favorite contributors Joe S. called in and basically agreed to many of our selections for dept heads. We did hear a last minute department head selection we have heard that Sal Paonessa maybe in line for Chief of police

In local sports news our hometown Buffalo Bills go big time today and are playing a Nationally televised game. This is the week the Bills show the country they are for real and take apart the Cowboys. This is a statement game that say’s we are for real. So anyways that’s it for this week

As always keep the information flowing

 The Pipeline

November 22, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well the absentee ballots have been opened and looks like Dennis Virtuoso won for the 14th time as  legislator. Over in the Council race John Spanbauer picked up a few more and won the 2nd council seat by 67 votes.

So now all the fun stuff starts, as in who will RestaiNO appoint as department heads. The list over the past few months has grown by leaps and bounds but it will boil down to a few chosen. Of course, the obligatory article stating if you’re interested in a position submit  your resume to Bob Restaino by 11/29/19 for consideration. This is known as a dog and pony show all for appearances. When in fact the entire city already knows who is going where. But if you’re not up to date on the local coffee shop talk let me fill you in.

The department heads will be as follows:

City Administrator: Anthony Restaino or Carmen Granto

Controller: Marie Brown

Police Chief:  Frank Granto or Scott Bax

Fire Chief: Paul Bar

DPW Director: Dave Kinney

DPW Deputy Director: John Kinney

Community Development Director: Clara Dunn

NFC Business Director: Ralph Aversa

Tourism Director: Tom Darro

City Clerk: Coleen Larkin

Corporation Council: Nick D'Angelo

Asst. Corporation Council: James Rosecitti

So, it's out with the old in with the older.

Now with a new year brings a new council chairman by all rights with a republican majority the Chairmanship should go to Ken Tompkins as he is the senior statesman but hold the phone.We read the Chris”coffee”Voccio has made a bid for it and we have heard he has secured the votes to win it 4-1.

Are you kidding me, 2 city budgets have been worked on and Chris has fails to submit 1 resolution or offer any cost savings? Chris you are aware that the Chairman is responsible for the budget. Yet we are hearing reports that is behind this as they put up Chris to run for Council they were solid behind RestaiNO and now want Chris to control the council. Does anyone else besides me smell the stink that’s coming from this?

Just heard the garbage fee went thru plus a 2% raise looks like another year of do nothing budget cuts and my guess is the only people the cut were the ones that actually do work.

Such a shame as much as I hate to say it maybe bankruptcy is the only way out. So it looks like I am back on track with timely issue.

A quick email though from my friend longshire who says “Sideshow Bob Restaino steps into the mayors office with what he loves. To point the finger when he screws up. Be prepared for 4 years of "It's Dyster's fault". And the thing that will make everyone sad is, It is. This city will need at least 10 years to undo what Dyster has done to it.

I have to say there Longshire I agree 100% with you.

Anyway, next week is our Turkey of the year awards until

 than keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline


November  15, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well it’s almost been to quiet since the election but there is still lots of grumblings about the results of the election. We here have had 75 emails from voters stating they feel the Mayors race was tampered with. I am not sure how I feel about it . Yet with so much to lose could it be possible that it was. I don’t know from what we understand Mr. Choolokian would have to press the issue to have a hard recount but will he. Mr. Choolokian there are voters out here that want to know.

After all the noise of the election the new Mayor elect has been pretty quiet as are his supporters. In fact, it has been strangely quiet. Are back door deals being done, who is his transition team, we here have heard Carmen Granto, Russ Petrozi from Capitol Cleaners, Dave Kinney and Frank Sodo will assist on the transition team…..WOW what a blast from the past, that team should produce the continuation of failure. So, I got to thinking about our Mayor elect and just running some simple numbers there are at least 5 members of his family that are employed in the public sector. Are you already for this those  5 family members that I know of  receive a total salary of  approximately $400,000 a year plus benefits nice chunk of change we pay to support this family? Let me ask when does it end  and for a guy that raised $149,000.00 for his campaign, I can guarantee paybacks are coming.

Speaking of the Mayor elect we saw quite a few Facebook posts about tempers already rising at his victory party by the Mayor elect. If anyone has any stories please send them our way.

So next week is our 8th annual Turkey of the year awards, send in your suggestions on who will win one of these prestigious awards.

Snowplowing what the hell happened do we or don’t we have the money ,the roads are like skating rinks. I can’t wait to see the claims that are going get turned in.

The absentee ballots get opened on the 20th it will be interesting to see I am predicting Spanbauer and Virtuoso are the final victors as with only 329 ballots returned it will not be enough to change the outcome.

Anyways folks that’s it for this week

as always keep the information flowing,

 The Pipeline


Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well I was going to put this out Friday as a recap for the election, but I was bombarded with emails .Mostly people in shock over the results. Now everyone had figured it was going to be close but a victory over 2500 votes is extremely hard to believe. So, I started doing some digging, especially in light of S.E. Ken Cosentino’s remarks.

I compared Choolokians numbers in his last 2 elections, and they were very peculiar in fact almost like the powers to be didn’t want him to win. I found it hard to believe he dropped like that. Now a few days before the election we had heard it was too close to call.

So, based on the results were there some shenanigans pulled to guarantee a Restaino win and if so why?

Lets look at this if Choolokian won the New York State Andrew Cumo giveaways would stop, NTCC money halted ,USA Niagara money halted, Senca Nations side deal with New York State and NFR may have gotten stopped before it went through,then suddenly 2 days after election Casino fund ruling come down ,how ironic.

So, this leads me to ask was Elders put up the Buffalo cabal to help Restaino by pulling votes from Choolokian ? Elders lost now he is a ghost. Even his loudest supporters on Facebook disappeared.

Could the machines  have been programed to swap Restaino and Choolokian votes?

The way I see it too many big players get hurt if Choolokian wins, with the Restaino victory its business as usual. Folks we need to look at this closely the money trail starts.

The Buffalo Chronicle had an interesting blog about Restaino check it out. This isn’t over by a long shot we will be snooping deeper on this

Now over to the council, as expected Ken Tompkins was top vote getter  ,the race for the 2nd seat is tight. Less than .25% separates Spanbauer and Kenyon .Again I was surprised here more surprising was Alicia not doing well in Deveaux which was a stronghold for her  last time. Can Spanbauer hold on the 23-vote lead? It’s hard to tell. While 23 doesn’t seem like a lot its hard to pick up that many .So we shall see.

Thoughts if Spanbauer holds on to the lead will Kenny become the Chairman? Or will the power hungry Touma make a power play for it ?

Any ways the nightmare known as Paul Dyster is just about over….Or is it

 Anyways keep the information flowing

 The Pipeline

November 1, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. So, I bet you all thought I disappeared or just went away not on your life unfortunately we had some life issues, but I am back in the saddle again. So, this is election week ,It has been crazy that’s for sure. Let’s start with the Mayor’s debate which is more like a Q & A session.

So, the first thing I noticed was how Restaino distanced himself from the other two candidates . What the hell was he afraid of.

Initial reaction of the 3 candidates Elders nice guy way in over his head, Choolokian I love what he says he wants to do ,needs to slow down when talking, Restaino just gives off the pompous arrogant air about him. After everything is said and down it comes down to this can and will Choolokian get the things done that his platform is about and can he pull it off without increasing the budget, Restaino spoke in rhetoric simply speaking about what needs to be done but never how he will accomplish it. The next point of interest in my mind is who is behind the candidates . Just check out their respected financials and you will determine who’s behind them. Lots of money players. In my mind 1 candidate can hit the ground running on day 1 and that’s Glenn Choolokian.

Yet the Mayor is only as effective as the council that he has to work with .So I watched the debate online without a doubt Ken Tompkins is the front runner and should have no problem being reelected he’s a man of the people never afraid to roll up his sleeves and get to work. the 2nd spot well I have been going back and forth between Alicia and Spanbauer. Well 2 times during the council debate Mr. Spanbauer said, “I don’t know why I’m here?” That was enough for me to flip my vote to Alicia , beside she is more than qualified has a great financial mind and will bring an overall good perspective to city government

I would be remiss if I did not mention the 4th Mayoral candidate n the write in line  Critically acclaimed noted film maker S.E Kenneth Cosentino. I do congratulate his willingness to enter the political arena, but I find his efforts in vain. The question is which candidate does he hurt, there is no doubt he will pull some votes. Also, readers the early voting started last weekend I am curious how many will take advantage

Well we must ask the Diodate case any developments?  I think the taxpayers have a right to know  .I see one of the Facebook bad boys took offense on Alicia Kenyon playing the woman gender card and he got into quite a few debates with some of her supporters. There is no doubt Alicia is well qualified with her private sector background. It would be a terrible thing should voters link her to Grandinetti who played that card many times.

Over to the legislative race looks like David Zajack has elected to go the negative route campaign and its ugly. David you would have been better off sticking to the issues instead of getting personal. Love him or hate him Dennis is well liked in that district .

Anyway, friends we are back sorry for the hiatus, but it happens.

So as always keep the information flowing


The Pipeline


October 11, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Election 2019 is just around the corner and the path to City Hall is still clouded but getting clearer.

Robert “Cellphone”Restaino still has shown the people of Niagara Falls nothing of a plan he continues to speak about what we already know. We have yet to hear him offer any bit of a plan. Yet his 2 shills ( to act as a spokesperson or promoter) act as if he is the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Let me tell you he’s not even close.Actually, he is more like more like the Uncle that comes into town and visits everyone and people like him to his face but deep down they wish he would go disappear and go away.

 We constantly read that about of Bobby’s community involvement and yes he has a lot but lets talk about a couple items .He was a trustee of our failed  library , as a school board member he has no discernible accomplishment, wait I stand corrected he got a close family member a job as secretary.

He does have a close bond with Kristen Grandinetti. During school board meetings he is constantly seen texting on his phone and at times his cell phone has been heard ringing (no one threw him in jail) I bet you all thought I was going tostay something different about him and Kristen. Curious he did extensive work on the city charter what happened or did he just take the money and run?

We have also heard a bombshell rumor if its true and comes to fruition than it sets the City backwards 50 years . Coffee shop talk is that he will announce that if he wins Ralph Aversa and Carm Granto will get department head positions. God save us if that’s true.

Now this doesn’t mean I’m giving Choolokian a free pass I have some concerns on his plans for instance what does this all cost us ,where is the money coming from, you have fantastic ideas but how are we paying for it?

One thing I will commend Choolokian for is there are no rumors of promised jobs he tells everyone send in a resume .Now mind you he probably has some idea who he wants where but unlike RestaiNO he hasn’t promised 12 people the same job.

Anyhow early voting starts in a couple weeks that should be interesting, it will be at St. Johns De La Salle Church.

Council race is still a little cloudy but we here at Pipeline headquarters see Alicia Kenyon and Ken Tompkins as the front runners 

Ok so on to the pipeline mail bag this week, so we received a rebuttal to Steve Randal email from Sam Archie,

Sam Archie
rebuttal to Steve Randal
Mr. Randal I was quite amused at your email of utter nonsense last week. Let me fill you in on a few items. You claim I have never been close in any election. My first time running I lost a seat by 135 votes while receiving a little over 7,800 that year .I don’t believe any council candidate in last 12 years has come close to that amount. Yes, in the past few races I did not do well. Yetwhat’s worse wanting to do something and not doing it.The only failure is not trying. On another point you blasted Alicia Liable for changing her name and running again. Did you ever hear of a woman getting married and changing her last name?  Also when she announced she has made that name change clear It is a pretty common practice around the world oraren’t you aware of that? As for me managing her campaign, where did you come up with that stupidity? of course if I was a Democrat and Alicia reached out, I would have been more than happy as she is a very intelligent young woman. Now for your comments regarding Glenn Choolokian and me not assisting his campaign because of my "baggage" as you say Please explain yourself especially the part where my baggage caused him to lose 4 yrs. ago, do you know what happened 4 years ago ? No, you don’t had Glenn's campaign come up with 10k for a retainer for an attorney after the primary there was no doubt the results of the primary would have been different, and he would be running for reelection right now. Yet you sound off on things you don’t know.Finally being a debt collector I have reversed your name and email and everything points to you being a sock puppet. Or someone not from this area and your being used as a messenger girl yes, your email comes back to a woman’s name  So get your facts straight before you sound off again

Our favorite contributor sent us a couple submissions this week Longmire, he writes,

Ralph Pescrillo already greasing the tracks on the new mayor. A nice tidy $500 to Sideshow Bob's Campaign. Wonder if he gave to Cholokian to keep that side lubed up also. "Mayor Restaino's World" has a ring to it. 





longshire <longshire

SubjectNow Frankie's??

Maybe the mayor should put William Kennedy on the case!

 He'll flash is invisible badge and solve the plastic bag robberies in no time

 Remember Longmire sends these emails to all the council also so it should come as no surprise when they read it here and yes, I guarantee they do. !


Anyhow I have tons to do today especially since the Bills are on a bye week.

So as always keep the information flowing,
The Pipeline



October 2, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well Dyster releases his final budget of a disastrous 12 years.
He adds a garbage fee, which is a nice way to say tax increase. He cuts 11 jobs ,what we don’t see is he cut many exempt jobs some how that was glossed over. Let me ask this, he cuts the Mayors secretary position .So right from the start the new Mayor is screwed. What kind of a jackass does that? Is the new mayor supposed to answer the phone all day? Rumor has it this was done to stick it to Restaino if he wins.  He increased property tax. He uses Casino revenue which we may or may not see. Is Dyster really that far out of touch? He certainly ranks as the worst Mayor this great City has ever seen.

Word has reached us that Seth Piccirillo will be fine after January 1 as he has landed another government job this time at NY State Power Authority just another favor from his Godmother Francine DelMonte. What would he do if he had to work in the real world?

The Mayors race I thought that Restaino would have started the negative campaign the final week of the election but nope he has tossed the first hand grenade ,he is running a commercial on TV and from what I saw of it 90% is a flat out lie to deceive the voter. Just another typical democrat campaign tactic. What this tells me is he is scared and realizes he is in for a fight. We have heard that next week he goes after Elders.

Looks like nothing changes in Niagara Falls, the Pipeline was sent Restaino's donation list, Looks like the same players and unions are trying to buy this years mayor election once again.....Take a look at the donation list below.....Touma, Granto, Police, Fire ,Trade Unions,etc....Alot of money flying around....Were any promises made?

Well the Pipeline mailbag had some interesting items so here they are. First one comes from a new contributor

Steve Randel

Election News

Typical Niagara Falls same old Re-Runs running for office, Alicia Liable hiding behind a new name, Are you kidding me Sam Archie is helping her, here is another guy that ran so many times and never came close, Choolokian lost his election because he had Archie’s baggage around him, so glad Choolokian dumped him for this election. Restino for mayor? The only thing that Restino can win is a nonpaying school board seat, everyone knows about what’s in his closet and it will come out soon. Touma , Tomkins and Voccio should just go away.

Wow some interesting things if any of its true it sure is news to us.

Next email comes from
Candace J. Corsaro
I'M still here and still a Council candidate

Good morning one and all. How things change so quickly. Even though I did not make it through the primary elections. I am still a candidate and running as a WRITE-IN. Why because I believe in our city and our residents. NOW is the time for all of us to bond together and make a difference. Many things have accrued as a candidate that are totally absurd.

Candace, we admire your dedication determination but your better off throwing your support behind Kenny.

Our good friend longshire has some advice for Mayor Dyster

Here’s a start to cover the garbage tax


longshire <longshire@protonmail.com>


Wed, Oct 02, 2019 9:29 am

Here you go mr. mayor, Go find a 20% off coupon for Harbor Freight and buy a hacksaw and chop that god ugly "Sculpture" at the round-a-bout and sell it for scrap. It would finally be worth more than the ugliness it stands for now. Whose friend or family member in city hall was tasked with that thing? Just adds to the legacy of blowing cash Dyster had a habit of buying.

We understand the Marc Diodate case has been settled just rumors at this point so if anyone hears anything let us know.

Debates has anyone heard anything its 4 weeks away and not a sound or a hint of one .And I really hope if one happens it will be a debate not a dog and pony show. Let the candidates go at it lets see what they are made of.

Well that’s about it for this week

 as always keep the information flowing,

 The Pipeline



September 27, 2019

Finally  Friday my favorite day of the week. Well we are exactly 39 days away from having a new Mayor and quite possibly a different makeup of the Council. Will the city elect more of the same .From listening to all the campaign promises reading letters it obvious there is only one chance for change .One Mayoral candidate has preached things we already know and hasn’t shown a single thing to improve, another candidate has presented 3 very workable ideas and how to accomplish it the third candidate is busy placing elect me signs up.

The garbage fee looks like council tabled it.Now I bet a lot of you think that’s the end of it . Do not be fooled I guarantee it appears as a revenue line item in the Mayors budget. Personally, I feel it was a well-orchestrated move by the Mayor .Here is my thought. He places it in the budget as revenue the money it saves in the budget Dyster uses. Now it goes back to the council and they are left with these choices. A. leave it and pass law that it’s a fee,B. reject it and then either have to layoff people or raise taxes .This way taking all blame away from the Mayor and place it on the council.

We do hear grumblings that this is with the assistance of Robert “he’s hoping to be Mayor” Restaino and his schill Touma. Here is another question I want to toss out there .We have heard strong rumors that Touma will step down as councilman as he has an offer to become a principle in the school district, but part of that offer is, he no longer is a councilman.

Speaking of no longer a councilman I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the Kennedy case, but I will wait to see how it plays out and not get caught in the Facebook courtroom sentencing.

Marc Diodate still all quiet as we have heard nothing except rumors of a deal cut. Went to the Duke center this morning hoping to hear something different during the councils lets talk budget meetings but nothing earth shattering just typical rhetoric.

Laugh if the day so Chris “Coffee” Voccio makes a statement an says “We continue to put of the hard decisions. Chris what decisions out of your own mouth last year you said you were not going to do a thing on the budget and I guess you were true to your words even if you did not have the votes you could have shown some testicular fortitude .Or are you waiting for the city to go broke and a control board come in and do what any of you should be doing.

Citizens of this city are past the dog and pony show you all need to do something or get out of the way . How much longer can we survive .Even Gloria Gaynor would have a hard time making the song I will survive believable in Niagara Falls.

Some sad news we recently read that the owner of the Jetport has passed away, our condolences to his entire family.

Also, in other sad news we see that the Mug and Musket owned by FB bad boy Mike Stella has closed its doors we wish him and his family well in whatever they do

We came across this blog check it out :


Anyways got to run as always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline



September 22, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite of the week. Yes, I know its

Sunday but after the latest news that’s been floating around, I wanted to wait and see if anything else develops. Or those of you that live under a rock, I am speaking of the news about Councilman Bill Kennedy and his recent car accident where I understand he was side swiped. Supposedly he flashed his council badge and the story goes that he was impersonating a police officer, that’s the story being told. The question is did he or didn’t he .Even though Kennedy wanted to lower the education standards for officers I cant believe he would be that dumb to impersonate one after all impersonating an officer or for that matter impersonating an attorney is a felony and Lord knows the kingdom cant afford any more felony charges. So, before the courtroom AKA as Facebook sentences him lets see what really transpires.

Speaking of courtrooms, we heard through the grapevine that payroll thief, computer hacker, Diodate was to be in court last Monday if so, why was it so hush hush has anyone heard anything?

Garbage fee are people in this city that dumb they can’t see what’s happening. This is simply taking the budget line out of the budget for DPW making a new revenue stream calling it a fee . It will than allow the Mayor to increase takes by that same amount to help balance budget .It is in simplest terms it is nothing more double dipping. It’s the screwing we are getting for the screwing we already got

Well had the pleasure to finally meet Jeff Elders, he came to my home the other day while I was sitting on the porch, very personable gentleman, very impressive resume his military service impeciable,But not a clue on what is going on in the city, in my mind he is being led by the collar by another Buffalo cabal and that is something we don’t need. He will influence the race . I think he gets 475 votes .Who that helps I’m not sure.

Robert “cellphone” Restaino I see he was the proud sponsor of yet another event this time for baby Shawn. Restaino should be the poster child for what a political whore looks like. Bob after you lose will you still sponsor these events next year or show up at picnics? Ill answer for you No.

Choolokian still pounding the pavement in fact the only ones I see walking every day are Choolokian ,Tompkins and Kenyon.

Well over to our mailbag,

Subject:Can I get section 8 housing and take in boarders?

 From:    longshire <longshire@protonmail.com>

 Like the inhabitants at 416 22nd st? I could really use the pad for my pension.  Nothing like grabbing free money from the state and then pocketing some from your friends when their girlfriend’s landlord catches on and tosses your buddy out(guy living with his girlfriend at 423 got tossed by the landlord and moved in upstairs with the 2 welfare recipients upstairs) .

 Hey Voccio, Too little too late. People have been complaining about the slumlords long before you got here. It's just gotten worse under the dyster administration. I shouldn't say worse, I should say it was allowed to run wild under the dyster administration the minute he took over. All you need to do is look at any one-off ralph pescrillo's properties and what the city lets him get away with. It's funny how he can get his properties condemned at will when he wants to.

Here's a question for the mayor and his "Got to live somewhere" Policy. Don't you think trading one addiction(Heroin) for another(Methadone) is stupid? Just have to see the people going in and out of Trott on a daily basis to see where the city is headed. Thank God you'll be gone soon.

Kristen Grandinetti, Another one of the mayor's pals and neighbors. Maybe she should investigate her own parties’ dealings. She can thank fredo sr for changing that law. Had nothing to do with the color of the guys skin, more to do with the stupidity of the governor. Gee,Which party put him in office again? And people called Carl Paladino crazy. I would have to ask which one of Fredo  sr's family or friends prompted the change in the Juvenal laws.

Remember folks this email sent to us also goes to Mayor and council and so far, Tompkins is only one ever to respond.

So read interesting view from Chris “coffee” Voccio who says the budget is worse than it looks, no shit Chris we here have been saying that for 4 years that the boom was going to come crashing down on us, but while you are now so full of wisdom let me ask what work did you do on last year’s budget Don’t answer let me list them all NONE you did nothing and I predict you will do nothing this year either

 Anyways its game time lets see if the Bills can go 3-0

As always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

September 13, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well just when I thought I was going to have another quiet week the inbox for my emails exploded with rumors and information and various opinions. I can now say “Silly Season” is official here for those of you not aware of that term it simply means in Niagara Falls its campaign time.

So lets start with the garbage fee request, it will certainly cause an uproar as the “Taking Back Niagara” group will be out in full force to fight it.So Dyster says he needs it for the budget, I wonder if he ever heard of cutting expenses? I think it will become more interesting Now we all can see this coming you pretty much have to be blind to the fact. Here is where it takes an Ah ha moment, Touma is pushing the garbage fee and he will probably push to increase the tax cap  . Why, well coffee house talk is saying Restaino is so confident he will win that he is pushing Touma to get budget balanced this way with a garbage tax and also Restaino is said to be working with Touma and other council members to get the reassessment through  and come January he can lay the blame on Dyster. Why you ask would Touma push so hard ,well he has been on the receiving end of some pretty hefty campaign contributions from Restaino, so I am thinking this is payback time. It’s the same old tax the residents to death program brought to you by Team Democrat. Amazing how he is trying to portray himself as a conservative, curious what that endorsement cost him. How can you ask the council to vote on this without them even seeing the budget? Only in Niagara Falls does this happen.

I read an interesting post from a gentleman named George he apparently drove around town looking to see whose political signs dominated anyone area. I decided to take it one step further I was looking to see what candidates were linked .Choolokian and Restaino signs far outnumber everyone else. It’s who the share space with that was interesting .I am now seeing Choolokian signs on lawns with Kenyon and Myles the two Democrat council candidates and Tompkins signs are now showing up more with Choolokian ,even though Ken has a lot with Restaino. Spanbauer is another story his are solidly with Restaino you hardly see his alone or with anyone else. Has he made a behind the door deal ? Republicans backing Democrats ,Democrats backing Republicans I get dizzy trying to figure  it out. Now I did manage to get a bunch of names of both Democrat and Republican committee people, and it was amazing that committee people on both sides have lawn signs supporting the other party’s candidate I just don’t know what to make of it .Than there is Jeff Elders still don’t know what to make of him haven’t heard word one yet his signs are all over, of course I have also heard people complaining they don’t know why one showed up on their lawn as they never asked for one.

The Niagara Falls Blues Festival I see it returned strong heard crowds were packed Friday night .We made our way there Saturday around 8:30 as the only band I wanted to see was Canned Heat while only 1 member was an original they still sounded great and Falls street was packed great job Toby Rotella and your group. Now I would like to see a return from the Niagara Falls Music and Art Festival, where have you all been hiding.

Anyways the Bills are on got to see them win again ,

as always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

September 6, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well first things first.The Annual Lewiston Peach Festival. It was absurd how a small group of idiots have turned this event upset down with concern because of that assine KKK flyer whomever is behind this needs to be strung up and run out of town. There is no place for that in this area . I just hope people see thru this and come out in droves to support the festival.

Last week I left out an important item  I wanted to address. The incident in Lewiston with the 18-yr. old that was only give probation for sex abuse and rape. What he did was heinous, and he should have gotten more but when the state of NY changed age laws last year, he got away with this prior to that change he would have been charged as an adult. Yet The joke that never stops giving AKA Kristen Grandinetti scream and yells “White Privilege war on Woman”   No, Kristen this is the result of the law you stood up and shout great job Governor Cuomo. You can’t have it both ways This is the result of what the Democrats have caused. Proud of yourself KG.

Well the calendar is on countdown 60 Days until we rid ourselves of the disaster know as Dyster.That is something we can all agree on.

Lawn signs are up I must tell you it’s a bit of overkill seriously what is the purpose of a lawn have multiple signs for same candidate. Ego is what I say. Can not wait for the debates to begin I hope it is a true debate instead of these fluff question and answer periods. We need and deserve real answers as taxpayers in Niagara Falls. We want to know how things will be fixed, what are the plans. We don’t need a recap of what we already know is wrong. As much as the Mayors seat is important, we need a Council elected that will have an open mind a strong financial background, so the executive and legislative branches work together.

Very short week closing up cottage for the fall, news should start picking up soon and all your hot political rumors can be found right here

Till next week keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

August 30, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week.Well not only is it end of the month but unofficially the end of the summer.Yes friends it went by all too quickly .The only good thing about the end of the summer season is we wont have to see any more Restaino photo op events where he sells himself out at various picnics fests and many other events he hasn’t been to other than when he runs for office.He is the poster child of a political whore.

So, I figure the Mayoral race should start heating up.Restaino has written 2 guest view article about his plan as Mayor. One was about transparency and how people have lost faith in city government.The other was about combining services around the county.Wow that was riveting information. It was about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Candidate Choolokian has issued his  2nd of a series of 5 videos detailing in depth his plans first attacking the street and sidewalk problems and the 2nd video was pertaining to garbage, code enforcement, demolition of homes.

James Elders still silent in reference to any plans.

So just doing a quick tally of what each candidate has  proposed ,it’s Choolokian 2 ,Restaino 0, Elders 0.

Now we here have always had the most respect for the Niagara Reporter, but I must ask where did you dig up Matt Cole from this guy is clueless. I read that piece on his assessment of the Restaino fundraiser. It is blatant he was paid to write that from the campaign oh wait he got free tickets to go to the fundraiser. He says the fundraiser were packed and he is correct, what Mr. Cole failed to say is probably 60% of the people in pictures from the fundraiser don’t even live or vote here. So other than it being a money grab for his campaign what good was it ?

Just scan some of the Facebook post’s and all you read is how Restaino only goes to events, yet he claims he has been to 3043 homes since 2/26/19 Wow are we here impressed ? No do the math that comes out to 17 homes a day, 7 days a week, personally I find that impossible based on all the picnics he attend’s and functions people don’t want him at. Yes, friends Restaino is all the wrong stuff, he is what is wrong with Niagara Falls.

And for all we know here Restaino is probably a nice guy but his political ties to the good old boy’s network runs deep.

Well Joe S. in answer to your question .We have heard strong reports that Diodate used someone else’s credentials to access the computer system . I do hope an audit is requested for his entire payroll at City Hall because I personally do not believe this was the first time, he padded his payroll. Once a snake always a snake. If so than Council chairman Touma should resign as he is the one who signs off on Diodate’s payroll hours. So, the council is being very tight lipped on this, curious as to what they have done. I figure time will tell

Anyway, it’s the last weekend of summer I am heading out for some relaxation and a few cold ones

As always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

August 23, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Let’s see it was another slow info week but just when you think there was nothing going on BAM.

All I can say is WOW. If you have been living under a rock the past few days than you probably haven’t heard about former council secretary Mark Diodate being charged with 3 felonies for going into City Hall after he resigned and after hours  on August 9 and attempted to pad his last paycheck. He was taking a job with the school board but that isn’t happening now . We are curious about a few things. The most glaring question is was this a 1st time incident or was this something he was doing right along. If he has been doing this who audited his hours? It is my understanding Council Chairman signs off on the hours .Who is that oh yeah Andy Touma the plot just thickens. Diodate gets a job with school board, Robert “Cellphone” Restaino is school board president, Restaino has financially supported Touma’s election bid writing a few $1,000.00 checks. Looks like the friends and family program is strong in the group.

I don’t feel bad for Diodate,I feel for his family that has to suffer this embarrassment and financial loss.

So how did Diodate get the secretary position. Well it was just another favor being done even though there were more qualified applicants. I guess sending in a fake resume helps.

Ken Tompkins is to much of a gentleman to publicly say I told you so, but if everyone  remembers Ken was outspoken on this hire as he knew the truth and stated so he was the lone vote of No. Chris “coffee” Voccio turned his back on his fellow Republican Ken and sided with the Democrat’s, of course we here have always said he was a Dyster democrat in republican clothes. Anyways Marc we here hope you get what you deserve .

Our friend Longshire has sent us a correction from last week it’s as follows.

I need to correct Pipeline


longshire <longshire@protonmail.com>


Ken Tompkins has replied and has gotten some things done for us on the street. There’s just so much he can accomplish alone. If Ralph Pescrillo refuses to take care of his properties, then there’s really nothing he can do. Although I have a funny feeling that Ken Tompkins might have had something to do with getting him to cut and clean the lawn at 417 22nd St. This is what the average homeowner is asking for, A level playing field. If you’re going to threaten homeowners to take care of their properties, then you, as reps of the citizens should be swinging a bat against these slumlords. Ever since that article was written in the Buffalo News about the owners of the zodiac, it’s seemed like their given a pass.

 Anyways Thank you Marc Diodate for giving us something to discuss.

 As Always Keep the information flowing

 The Pipeline

August 16, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well looks like Seth has tossed in the towel and will not actively campaign.Yet he didn’t state he will back or endorse any candidate. So, what does that say to his supporter’s? I think it tells them  to read between the lines and do not support Robert cellphone Restaino.

Jeff Elders does this guy have a clue? His campaign is a farce at best, yet he serves a valuable purpose in running.Dont forget people this guy has Buffalo support and just remember the last Mayor with Buffalo backing. Also, I am curious it is well known that he was paying upwards of $25.00 per completed sheet of signatures for his petitions. Yet I find no financial records with the Board of Elections. He will take much needed votes from one of the candidates. I’m going to call it early the Mayoral winner will win by 135 votes.

For the longest time Restaino was a food critic as his entire posting on Facebook was at different restaurants,now he is the Facebook social media butterfly as there is not an event he doesn’t attend. Now that isn’t bad, but he exemplifies the typical political whore I will bet $1,000.00 he hasn’t been to any of these places  unless he’s running for political office. People at those events know that he is only trying to suck up a few votes .Hell he couldn’t even beat a slug like Ceretto.

Don’t worry Choolokian you will not go unscathed here. We have some questions for you that we need explained. We here were impressed with the road and sidewalk repair work you want to bring in, but with a broke as a joke city. Where is the money coming from? You claim a savings but if we don’t have money where’s the savings coming from?

Council race sure am glad Alicia Kenyon woke up starting to see her posts once again . This is still her race to lose as the top spot goes to Ken Tompkins and she will fight spot #2 with Donte Myles. Spanbauer is dead in the water as he has pissed off every city and local union worker and family in the city, like it was said many years ago No more Teachers or Preachers in City Hall, and yes Andy next time around your out.

Well that’s all my personal rants for the week .Lets see what the Pipeline mailbox has for us.

Well our friend longshire is really getting pissed here is an email he sent to all elected officials, I’ll show you the exact email and who he sent it to,



            Just like clockwork


longshire <longshire@protonmail.com>        (Add as Preferred Sender)         

Date:  Wed, Aug 14, 2019 6:32 am

To:      "pauldyster@wny.com" <pauldyster@wny.com>, "andrew.touma@niagarafallsny.gov" <andrew.touma@niagarafallsny.gov>, "Kenny.Tompkins@niagarafallsny.gov" <Kenny.Tompkins@niagarafallsny.gov>, "christopher.voccio@niagarafallsny.gov" <christopher.voccio@niagarafallsny.gov>, "ezra.scott@niagarafallsny.gov" <ezra.scott@niagarafallsny.gov>, "william.kennedy@niagarafallsny.gov" <william.kennedy@niagarafallsny.gov>, "info@niagaraspipeline.com" <info@niagaraspipeline.com>

Sunday afternoon, who shows up at the old Zodiac, The police. 1:30am Tuesday morning, Police and fire at 417 22nd St. Then last night about 8:30pm, Fire and EMTs at the Zodiac again. Now there's a guy living between 2202 and 2204 Niagara St. Guess who owns the building at 2204. That's right, the same guys who own the Zodiac. I guess these "Experiments" aren't working as it's been the same people living in the Zodiac the past couple of years. Mayor Dyster's Wonderland in full seasonal mode. Voccio should run a tour of the city instead of the Gorge, He can take his tours to all the places that mayor Dyster destroyed. Should be at least a 5-hour tour.........

See folks not only does he send it to us but the entire council and Mayors office and still his concerns fall on deaf ears.

Anyways I have to fly heading off to a going away to college party for my niece.

Asa always keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline

August 9, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. It is amazing that June and July flew by and here we are August halfway over .So many things going on Baseball season winding down, football season gearing up. End of the season events starting to advertise. The year is slipping away.

So last week we tossed out some thoughts on the Weed Whacking gang led by Ken Tompkins, apparently, he took umbrage to our comments and he sent us in his rebuttal. So, as we always do for anyone that sends stuff in here it is:


Kenny Tompkins
Grass cutting

Let’s clear up a few things on the weed whacking. We do not do city lots. Never have......as far as who participates I put out a post and whoever shows up is welcome with open arms...I have safety glasses and gloves for all....this is not politics it is a bunch of community folks trying to help our city.... John , Alicia,Bob,Glenn,Jeff,Seth, you guys st the pipeline sre all welcome to come help...and we have been out since...we do private property. Usually pretty ugly properties that are very neglected...the odds of city collecting anything from them is extremely slim....the well-being of the neighbors is way more important than the few we MIGHT collect on Thank you Kenny Tompkins Citizen of Niagara Falls as well

Thank you, Kenny, for your explanation. People can say what they want about you, but I will say when we call you out on something, we heard you at least have the courage to give an explanation.

Well great editorial by Mayoral Candidate Bob “cellphone” Restaino, it was insightful, articulate, interesting, inspiring informative, it was the biggest load of crap I have read, Wow Bob tell us something we don’t know. How you manage to waste space in the paper on things we already  know is simply amazing.

Then we watch that award winning news show The Sal and Rho Show and Mayoral Candidate Choolokian was on speaking on Phase 1 of his platform .Which if you missed it was about road repair, pothole repair and sidewalk  repair, at a cost savings of 34-40% to the taxpayers. For those of you who missed it, here is the video

on the machines.

Now we here have been blasting the rental of the Pothole killer since the city first started to rent it   As an occasional biker not only is the pot hole killer aggravating to drivers because it blows stone all over it is also a HUGE Safety risk as a biker it is dangerous if you need to break quickly and hit that loose gravel. Thank You Glenn for not only coming up with  plan to fix the streets but it your plan also eliminates a dangerous situation.

Well in the past 3 weeks Jeff Elders has sent out Thank you cards for residents that signed  his petitions.Thats a common thing to do. So, during that time period we here received 6 emails from 1 person who was given copies of those cards from people who never ever signed Elders petitions. Yet they were sent a Thank you. In fact, 1 card came from a woman who gets her mother’s mail, the mother is 100 years old has Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home in Lancaster. The person who sent them to us asked we don’t publish his name or the names of the people on the cards just yet.

Politics in Niagara Falls don’t ya love it.

 Anyways Mrs. Pipeline and I are going to head out to Loews

so as always keep the information flowing

 The Pipeline

August 2, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Never in my 39 years of Niagara Falls politics have I seen what I have seen this year. Just when you think you know everything the entire political scene gets turned upside down.

Let’s start with the council candidates .If I were running for council and I was either Alicia Kenyon or John Spanbauer I would be mad as hell at either Donte Myles or Ken Tompkins.

Here is how I see it. I have seen all over Facebook pictures of Kenny "The Party Planner" Tompkins and Donte Myles running around the city weed whacking property and cutting lawns on city owned property .I will  get back to that in a minute. To me it looks like Kenny has turned his back on Republican Spanbauer and Myles has turned his back on Democrat Kenyon. Should the respective committees tell them both  what are you doing it making us look bad. I am shocked the Democrat City Committee has been so quiet. Totally out of character for them, maybe they realized they have a useless Mayoral candidate and 2 weak council candidates Which in itself is sad as I personally feel that Alicia would make a tremendous councilperson alongside Kennedy, Coffee Chris, and Touma.

In another observation it appears there is a dent in the armor of the Facebook bad boys Stella, Archie and Larkin as I have seen posts of Larkin and Archie going at each other and Stella has been surprisingly quiet, but the campaign trail is a marathon run so it is anyone’s guess on what will happen.

So, cellphone Bobby takes another opportunity to get a cheap photo opp. with Mrs. Marva Frails, the guy didn’t even go to public schools and yet he acts like he knew her personally what a clown. Voting this guy into office is dumber than reelecting Dyster for a 5th term.

Next Sunday for all you music lovers is Ken "The Party Planner" Tompkins event Summer at the Sal  some of the best local bands will be playing and its to raise money for a great cause. Thefireman’s toy Fund.

Received an email from Joe S that I want to share,

Joe s
Cristoforo Colombo
I had the honor as past president of the Cristoforo Colombo society. To nominate two well deserving hard working men Angelo Morinello and John Caso will be honored October 19th. Angelo will be receiving the Colombian award this is the highest award given to a member that represents what he has done for the Italian community of Niagara Falls and what he has done for all his district.john Caso will receive the honorary Colombian award this is given to a nonmember John has done an outstanding job as DPW director working hard keeping the city beautiful. The society is proud of These two fine Italian Americans congratulations.

Congratulations to both men on receiving this award.


Back to the council race, during the primary it had been well documented that Seth was Dyster 2.0 as he appeared to be a continuation of the policies of Dyster, that assumption more than anything else may have caused his downfall. Now I read posts with council candidate Alicia spouting Seth’s words.This I feel is a death kiss for her.Alicia stand on your own, you have a strong enough financial background and a fantastic work resume that can push you over the top. Do not tie yourself to the past like this.

So, it is my understanding the council did not put into place any seasonal workers,that is the reason grass got out of control and not cut. Ken Tompkins puts together a team of concerned citizens and begins what he calls The Weed Whacking mob. Rumor around town is City Administrator Nick Melson blew a gasket on Tompkins and told him to stop because he is taking revenue away from the city. I guess when the city cuts the lots the fee is added to the property owners tax bills.

Again, I applaud his efforts.as some of these lots look terrible, but will he stop or continue doing it I guess we will have to watch and see.

Lets go back to an article from Restaino's brother where he talked about what a hot head that cellphone Bobby is, reason I am bringing that up is I was at breakfast at Moms coffee shop on Tuesday was sitting at a table with a couple friends and at a couple tables away from us were 4 gentleman. They were discussing Restaino for Mayor and the editorial letter from Restaino's brother was brought up. Well one of the men at the table stated it sounded accurate because as a former probation officer he has had the opportunity to be behind closed doors with Restaino and that’s accuratein regard to his temper tantrums. God help us if this clown gets elected.

Anyways I am off to the boat races on gratwick park today .

So as always keep the information flowing.

 Next week some interesting info on Elders

The Pipeline

July 26, 2019

Finally, Friday my favorite day of the week. Well let’s start off with last week’s comments regarding Republican City Chairman Bill Carroll as we mentioned we received info stating he was driving around with megaphone pushing Restaino as we say here, we will tell you about what we hear good, bad, or ugly. Well Mr. Carroll did respond here is his email,

Bill Carroll
Primary day
I would like to respond to whoever the former Democratic Council member is that was attempting to spread rumors about me. I have spent election days both primary and general election days working as an election inspector. I have served at St John's AME for more than a decade. Plenty of witness's can testify to my attendance this year. I was not driving a truck broadcasting a get out the vote message. Saddens me that some political charlatan tried to use you like that. Bill Carroll

So, to that we will extend an apology to Mr. Carroll as his whereabouts that day is easily verifiable.

Which leads us to ask this why this was started what purpose did it serve other than a feeble attempt to discredit Bill.

On to the Republican party picnic at Hyde Park we heard it was well attended Senator Ortt and Assemblyman Morinello gave two great speeches about the trouble in Albany with the Democrats and the path of destruction the liberals and Democrats have led us down, and in the middle of the floor leaning on a pole looking like he had no friends in the world was Democrat Restaino talk about your fish out of water. If after those speeches by our two area Republican representatives don’t make the committee get behind Choolokian and push him over the top than they all need to resign their committee spots.

Speaking of Choolokian the next night he had his fundraiser at the Como I did not attend but I ate at the bar. It was a packed house a few people at the fundraiser came down to the bar and said they had to open 9 more tables as it was standing room only. What people were impressed about was the attendees were mainly residents of Niagara Falls with the exception of Police and Fire Union representatives .There is no doubt this sent a message. Will the Republican County and City Committees do the right thing and support Choolokian, or will they bury their heads in the sand and support Restaino thru the back door, time will tell?

Well this weeks thoughts are brief as I am heading to the festival in front of the Casino,

as always keep the information flowing,

 The Pipeline


July 19, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week, even though its Sunday. Our summer season is so short its difficult to cram everything in during a few short months. Canal Fest this week and Mrs. Pipeline dragged me to the craft show their-  Fun Wow,

Well Niagara Falls politics a very strange animal indeed. Last week we stated we had heard stories that Mike Gawel has been at City Hall stating come January 1 If Restaino wins than we can expect to see Mike Gawel there. Well Mr. Gawel has responded and in fairness I am posting his reply.


Michael Gawel






The only time I have been in City Hall this year is to pay my taxes and water bills on my various properties. I have been a CPA since 1980 and am not looking for a job.

So, Michael we will take you on your word right now with this thought in mind that only time will tell.

Now with my own eyes I have seen a couple Republican Committee people wearing Restaino for Mayor T Shirts I know they are committee people because they live in my neighborhood. Mr. Republican City Chairman I hope you have done the right thing as City Chairman and removed those people from the committee for party disloyalty. Of course, that might be hard for you to do as we have heard from a former city democrat councilman that did not run for reelection that he saw you in a vehicle with a megaphone telling people vote for Restaino. Now personally I find this hard to believe that you would do something like that but like the NY State Lottery commercials say “Hey you never know”

Is the Elders campaign for real or is he a shill, we are still trying to place our finger on this campaign it is not making sense. Here you have a lifelong military man coming back to his hometown to run for Mayor and he is as quiet as a church mouse. Who put him up to this ? What really makes this strange is Steve Pigeon crony Gary Parenti is back in town is there a connection somewhere or maybe this Elders guy has money and the folks behind him are trying to build him up for a cash grab and why would a guy who is “well known in LaSalle” make his home on 11th and Ontario. Has anyone seen him? That entire campaign is smoke and mirrors I think

Reporter had interesting article regarding Republican Party and Choolokian, seems a few committee members are backing Restaino I must wonder if they promised jobs or advancements ,I don’t know  it makes you think. It will be interesting to see if Choolokian goes to the Republican fundraiser on Tuesday ,that may tell a lot and then the next day he has a fundraiser who from Republican party will be there .If any of my readers attend please let us know.

Heard from out buddy Longshire he writes:

 Message Detail 

More fun from the Mayors special people yesterday.


longshire <longshire@protonmail.com>

(Add as Preferred Sender)

Mon, Jul 15, 2019 5:55 am

 We got to witness the tenants from 423 and 417 22nd set screaming at and spitting on one another yesterday. 423 accused 417 of hitting her car and the fun ensued. Police were called, they took their time getting here. Report was made and they left. We've all wondered what would have happened by now if this was Orchard Parkway or God forbid, Next door to Andy Touma's house. Want to bet it the properties would have been cleaned out by now. Touma would have been running around screaming "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!". I guess it's ok as long as it's NIMBY huh mayor. 
 Still holding out for the challenge to the mayor as to why his buiness interests are in another city and not the one, he claims to love and wants people to believe in. Kind of backwards if you ask me. Still hearing crickets from him.  

 I have a question are the 2 Democrat candidates still running they have become so quiet its as if they are nonexistent even write in candidate (what a mistake she’s making) Candace Corsaro is more visible than Kenyon and Myles. Of course, we have everyone’s superhero Ken Tompkins blazing his path to top vote getter in November leading the charge.

Anyways folks it can only get more interesting in the future weeks As always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

July 12, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Politics in Niagara Falls never ceases to amaze me. We here at Pipeline headquarters have gotten some bizarre emails in past couple weeks.

Lets start with the Elders campaign received 3 emails from people on Cayuga Island that in past few days supporters of Elders have been circulating petitions and some people felt intimidated by the supporters even stating that they were told a Elders sign would be placed on their lawn also very strange is the supporters have said he is the Republican candidate, even stranger is the fact that they are gathering signatures for  what reason as petitions are all turned in. Mr. Elders if you’re not aware of this you need to find out who is working Cayuga Island that is supporting you.

Over on the Democrat side for Mayor, Seth still hasn’t made his decision final as to his intentions, personally I think he’s going to sit on it awhile. As for the Democrat committee, they also seem to be non-committal at this point, but I see a rift in the power brokers on the Democrat side. For years the County Democrat party had an annual Steak and Ale fundraiser and this year is no different as it has been widely advertised. Now I see Nick Forster is hosting a $500.00 per person fundraiser for Restaino on the same day. Very strange indeed. Is this Nick sending a message to Zona that he is still calling the shots ?

Prior to the primary people were calling Seth Dyster 2.0 and other similar names, with this Restaino $500 a person fundraiser I think we can take the position that Restaino maybe Dyster 2.1 or James Galie Jr.

Over to team Republican it’s obvious there is a split there, as the party leadership refuses to recognize Glenn Choolokian as the Republican candidate. How much of the committee is for Glenn how many are against is hard to determine but its evident that there a few vocal ones that are leading that charge. Just a few days after Restaino won the primary it was reported that Republican Mike Gawel was strutting around City Hall  telling whomever would listen that after January 1 he will be at City Hall all day long ,was this another promised job?

Now we have Candace Corsaro announcing she will continue to campaign as a write in candidate .I admire her tenacity, but it will be an exercise in futility. You would be better served asking those that supported you to throw their votes behind Tompkins or Spanbauer or even Alicia Kenyon but a write in campaign may just seal your fate for another run at Council.

I still see no concrete plan from any Mayoral candidate on their plans their goals for Niagara Falls we have just heard a lot of rhetoric on the problems of the city, like we all didn’t know.


On another note has Vince Anello given Choolokian a back handed endorsement  in Vince’s recent Reporter article he advised the Democrats to get it together and then praised Glenn for the strong write in campaign. And in another episode of he said she said it seems that Ken Hamilton and a female got into a heated exchange of words on FB to tell you the truth it was like two kids going at it. I hope they both learned something about themselves.

Anyways still enjoying the summer as always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

June 29, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Let me get this out of the way first. We are going away for the 4th of July heading to New York City to see the fireworks and to make a long weekend of it. So we will be back with another eye-popping issue on July 11 .

Well the table is set Robert “Cellphone ”Restaino barely secures the Democrat line. He will go head to head with Republican challenger Glenn Choolokian. Or will he ? It is still up in the air on what Seth will do, he has some choices to make. He can do the party thing and throw his support behind Restaino if he does will his supporters follow suit? He can continue to campaign as he has secured the Working Family line, or will he sit back and do nothing. Then we have Jeff Elders who could upset the entire apple cart. This race is far from over. If the last few weeks of the primary is any indication of what’s to come than it should be a barn burner come November.

Congratulations to Kenny Tompkins and John Spanbauer for securing the Republican council primary job well done. So apparently Councilman Tompkins was upset at my opinion last week about his signs and he sent in a rebuttal I will print it as he wrote it :

Kenny Tompkins

Please get your facts straight. I have no alliance with any other candidate at this time. You will see my signs up with Piccirillo signs and Choolokian signs....as far as Spanbauer signs he belongs to same party as I do so we have a lot of similar backers ... one of them taking 25 of my signs for properties that he has permission to put signs on...I am an independent that works with a small group of volunteers and some city committee help but mostly just a group of about 6....you will know when I decide to back a mayor candidate...until then it is just wrong for you to assume.....btw I am the only endorsed republican council candidate....candace and john are not...

Ok Kenny we will go with that right now let’s see how it plays out.

The Republican party has a perfect scenario to not only gain control of the council with a majority but take the Mayors seat as well. What a win win position for the City of Niagara Falls.

This political campaign has all the makings of a previous Mayoral race, mud sling primary between Tony Quaranto and Angelo Massaro 2 Democrats and what happened Republican Jake Palillo pulled it out the similarities are uncanny hopefully history repeats itself.

If you did not see it Wednesday night on the Sal and Rho talk show Mayoral Candidate Choolokian was on what a great 50-minute discussion he had with Sal check it out

So, to everybody that ran I Thank you for your commitment to the victory’s keep your promises November is a long time to go

Well everyone have a safe and Happy 4th of July

Till than keep the information flowing

The Pipeline








June 24, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week.Yes I know its Monday .The long delay was due to waiting to receive the unedited Restaino letter I give John credit for coming out like that but I had hoped for more meat and potatoes.
Yet he simply confirmed what so many of us have heard over the years and coming out of St. Joes church this morning many people are changing their vote.So I guess your letter has served the public well.

Moving on to the council race.Never in my 50 years plus of politics have I seen council candidates of one party link up with a mayoral candidate of another. All right  I can handle the fact that residents can like both sides but every where you look its Restaino,Tompkins and Spanbauer and some of those homes are Republican voters and committee people. Shame on them. I have to stand corrected a few weeks ago I called Archie, Zona, Borgatti, Kennedy the unholy alliance I think that title now goes to Restaino, Tompkins, Spanbauer.

Candace Corsaro is  the only Republican  council candidate that deserves your vote :
Your Vote Counts! Niagara Falls needs new leadership!

Please Vote for Candace J. Corsaro on Tuesday, June 25th in the Niagara Falls, NY Primary. 


Candace J. Corsaro is a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN and a PROVEN LEADER, find out more about her qualifications by clicking on this link below. 


For Mayor my best advice is don’t VOTE at least not in the primary. In November you will have a much better choice.

 For weeks now the Pipeline as well as the city council and the Mayor  have received an email from a person known as longshire. I know they have received it because all of our emails are attached. For all of his emails it appears he is constantly ignored. Here is yet another one :


Where do we get to sign up


longshire <longshire@VVVVVV.com>   

Date: Sun, Jun 16, 2019 7:04 am

For a private dumping ground like the tenants at 416 22nd st have? Yesterday they dumped a refrigerator on the empty lot that used to be 420 22nd. Since 415 on 21st now is occupied,Their dumping their garbage next door.
In other news(Which is more like a daily happening at this address now), NFFD and emts were called to 417 22nd st again. I'd say again that the landlord should get charged for these calls,But we all know who owns the place and he wouldn't pay any fine anyway. This was around 4:30pm. Then,At around 9pm,4 police cruisers came and arrested the mental patient who lives there with his mother. It's a shame this doesn't happen at say, A historic district like Orchard Parkway. Would really be interesting to see how long dyster and Grandinetti would put up with it and dyster had it cleaned out. Or even better,Deveaux. Lets see how it gets handled there. Want to be Andrew Touma wouldn't be running around shouting "That's Unacceptable". He'd have code enforcement among others knocking down the property.

Anyways folks do your civic duty and vote.
I see the real campaign starting Wednesday.

till than keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline

This weeks article will be out on Monday the day before the primary election with our predictions on the winners. John Restaino the brother of mayoral candidate Bob Restaino emailed us his uncut version of the letter that he sent to the Niagara Gazette.

From: John Restaino
Date: Sat, Jun 22, 2019 11:33 am
To: info@niagaraspipeline.com

Subject: Guest View


Restaino Speaks Out:

My name is John Restaino, younger brother of candidate for Mayor Robert Restaino.
Not many of you know me, except for a short stint on WJJL radio. I have lived my
entire life in our city. My entire adult life has been spent working and raising my great
kids with my beautiful wife Robin.
I have felt an incredible urgency to let my community know who Robert Restaino really is.
In 2005, the entire Niagara Falls community and the world got to see a glimpse into
another side of Robert Restaino. The incident in that courtroom on that day revealed
everything I already knew. Everything that a number of people in the community know
but try to ignore. That day wasn't just a "bad day". It is what I have witnessed for my
entire life.
Sadly, I have run into several people that were there on that particular "bad day".
Several people that weren't in that courtroom had their lives effected by Robert's
"bad day". Parents weren't there to pick up their kids, people lost jobs, and some
missed important appointments. If things don't go his way, or the way he commands
you to do it, that "bad day" will happen again. A number of people in our community
have seen that first hand. Even as his brother, I have been told so many stories about
his temperament that I never heard before.
Robert is an enigma. Very difficult to understand. He will come across as a caring, and
engaging person. Catch him on a "bad day", then reality returns. People have seen it
at softball fields, bowling alleys, restaurants, and even the courtroom. Never an apology
given- just a blanket statement blaming others for causing his bad behavior. The "bad day"
will be an issue. It always has been and it always will.
With all of it's faults and issues, I love the city I grew up in. I would love to see Niagara Falls
get better for it's residents and become a safer city to live in and visit. There is a quote from
school I remember: "Our Character is what we do when we think no one is looking"- H.Jackson Brown
This quote is very relevant to our lives, but even more so for the future leadership of our city.
I have always voted, but honestly never really cared. In my mind I always felt nothing would change.
I have lived through decades of several different Mayor's and their administrations. Same old names
with same old tired ideas. It would be so easy to let this election pass, just voting and moving on with
my life. This time, this election is different. It's to important to keep quiet.
Our city is in financial crisis, dealing with escalating crime. The city can't afford to elect someone
with this kind of temperament. Our city needs a leader who will care about the entire city. Not
just certain areas, all of it. Enough is enough! "It's hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous
way of making decisions than by putting these decisions in the hands of people who pay no price
for being wrong"- Thomas Sowell 

John Restaino
Niagara Falls Resident


June 13, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well busy busy weekend so I’m getting this out early. So, I am going to start off with John Spanbauer. I applaud his honesty he has responded to our question on the golf course here is his response about him cutting the grass there:

Providing Information on John Spanbauer


John Spanbauer <johnsXXXXXX@gmail.com>


Wed, Jun 12, 2019 5:58 pm

To: info@niagaraspipeline.com

A reader of the Niagaraspipeline informed me the following excerpt was posted on the Niagaraspipeline website:


“On one final note we received many emails saying John Spanbauer was cutting grass at the golf course and that he is a silent partner in this golf course Kapper.  If anyone has any information, please let the Pipeline know because he has stated he is not involved with it at all.” 

In the future, as I have previously stated, you can contact me directly for any information you may need as it pertains to my election bid or my involvement in the Niagara Golf Partners (NGP).  Let me AGAIN reiterate  I have no financial interest (silent or otherwise) whatsoever with Niagara Golf Partners.  I am a paid employee.

You are CORRECT about me cutting grass at the Hyde Park Golf Course.  In late May, Rick Horn, President of Niagara Golf Partners informed me that the staff was experiencing problems with keeping up with the grass cutting due to wet conditions. Mr. Horn wanted to know if I would be interested in a job at the golf course.  I am semi-retired and was pleased with the opportunity to work for NPG to help transform the Hyde Park Golf Course into hopefully one of the best public courses in the area. I was hired at a rate of $13 per/hr. on 5/31.

You might be hoping there is more to my involvement, but there is not. I am a transparent and concerned citizen and have an opportunity to fulfil a desire to work at a golf course and as a byproduct, hopefully improve the conditions of the Hyde Park Golf Course.

John Spanbauer


We were simply looking for the truth and for that we Thank you. Truth in a candidate it’s kind of refreshing.


So has Niagara Falls turned into the Wild Wild West last week was just out of control and its not even summer yet. So, our friend Longshire dropped a few lines on his thought :

Message Detail

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               A question for Andrew Touma


longshire <lXXXXX@protonmail.com>     

Now that all this gun play is happening, does it increase the value of my property more? And does it go along with the show 415,417,423 22nd st tenants have been putting on? That alone should at least be adding $20 thousand to the value. This along with Dyster’s mentor Cuomo screwing up that 16yo law where the kid can't be charged as an adult, we should be rolling in the money now. Maybe if Dyster wasn't such a spineless mayor, He'd take the reins off the cops and let them bust some of these so-called criminals’ heads, this city would be in a better place. What’s going on now is just a form of Modern-Day Blockbusting. People will again be leaving the city in droves leaving it for a short time that enough of the connected people can get their hands on even cheaper property. Then the mayor(Let's hope that position dies in the next official census in 2020) calls in the state police to help run the gangs out of Niagara Falls. You have to wonder why all of a sudden Dyster is leaving office. I wonder if he'll be announced as some sort of executive with a major developer due to his running down of the city and the low cost of the properties.

 Here's another question. How does the city let people light charcoal BBQ on the second-floor porch of a wood structure? That's got to be sketchy on the first-floor porch let alone upstairs. Funny how the people doing it are renters who are being subsidized by the state. They burn the place down, they lose nothing, Yet the homeowner next door loses his house. Then again, this is "Mayor Dyster's Wonderland", Where you can be a guest of the state without being arrested. 


A friend who is trying to jump to the Republican party but was told he couldn't until after the election got a survey call about the upcoming primary. Was asked "Who would you vote for in the upcoming primary. Restaino or Piccirillo?" My friend replied "Neither”, They thanked him and hung up. Shame they did, He would have given them the reasons why. First would be their 2 of the biggest bullshit artists in the city behind Dyster.


Now on to Kristen Grandinetti,she just makes you wonder what goes threw her brain .We were sent one of her posts about campaign signs she claims its against election law and she knows election laws .So I researched sign information from Board of elections and everything I founds points back to the individual municipality.

Guess what KG your wrong again. So, driving around look at what I found yes a Seth sign at a vacant lot, and we did see many more around town.


They say nothing is worse than a woman scorned unless it’s a woman that lost an election.


Anyways I am heading out for the weekend early tomorrow .

as always keep the information flowing

 The Pipeline

June 7 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well I had hoped for a lively debate from Seth and Restaino but damn the pouring rain was a better attraction 30 minutes on the LVT which at best is a bad joke. Even if it does work which it has to go thru state approval and that will be 2-3 years. The city has a structural deficit we are 12.5 million in the hole.Anyways after 40 minutes I left I couldn’t handle the bullshit. Folks lets look at it ,both candidates are talking about this for 1 reason and one reason only that is Votes . Seth wants to make the homeowner feel like he’s looking out for them and Restaino is against it because all his campaign money coming is from business people. When in fact neither of them can scratch an itch on a ball sack of a gnat. So previously we said if any of the bad boys of Facebook wanted, I would post anything they sent well Mr. Gregg Larkin sent a letter in :

He Writesinbox> Message Detail

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Gregg Larkin <gregoryXXXXXXX@gmail.com>         (Add as Preferred Sender)         

Date:  Sat, Jun 01, 2019 7:30 am

To:      "info@niagaraspipeline.com" <info@niagaraspipeline.com>

Ok, I’ll take you up on your offer.   Please mask my email and print the following:

Piccirillo ‘s Land Value Tax plank is a nonstarter.   First it has to pass in the Assembly.   Then in the Senate.  Then be signed by the Governor.   Have all three branches shown their support for that?   If so, Mr. Piccirillo, please show your work to the class.

Who would sponsor it in the Assembly?   Who would sponsor it in the Senate?   Certainly not our two local representatives.   Is there a desire for this at the state level?   One mayor in a small, poverty-stricken city, does not carry much clout.   Does DeBlasio want this in NYC?   His voice weighs heavy in New York politics.

Does the downstate caucus support LVT?   Nothing this big happens without their support.   The Assembly likes to pass wacky bills, but the Senate is much more conservative, and the Democratic majority is razor thin.   Do you have every Democratic Senator on board?   Lose one or two and the bill is dead.

How long would that take?  A year, two?   When would it take effect, a year or two after that?   How long would it take for the city to adopt it?   Seeing as how the claw back on Memorial Parkway is still dragging along, I don’t expect any speed from the city attorney.   Once in place, when would it kick in, another year?   

How much would it cost to re-evaluate all the properties?   How long would it take to recoup the cost of the assessment?

Does the county and school board want this?   LVT has a significant impact of their taxing structure, are they willing to get on the bandwagon.   Do the surrounding towns want this?  Or would this become a reason for development to move elsewhere at a faster rate. 

Then we have the lawsuits.  If applied selectively to downtown only, how many years and how many millions in lawsuits?   

There are so many roadblocks blocking LVT.  It’s a massive game of smoke and mirrors with the sole intent of rallying support by jumping up and down screaming at the big bad bogeyman Milstein. Well said there Gregg.

Where are your 2 sidekicks haven’t seen anything from Stella in a whilewas, he by chance placed in Facebook timeout? Archie almost ghost like lately.

Well I have laid off him for awhile but Voccio once again shows he’s a RINO at best plus he also shows he really doesn’t know Niagara Falls or politics in this area .He proclaims that the winner of Democrat primary will be the next Mayor and is totally ignoring the fact there is a strong Republican Mayoral candidate and potential spoiler in Elders. This 4th entry splits the Democrat vote up and helps Choolokian immensely. Anyways Voccio in  his posts say’s that the next Mayor needs to work on the budget as soon as possible to make necessary cuts.WRONG Chris you and the rest of the council need to start that now for the upcoming budget.If you need a description of your job,I’m sure we can get you one.Or are you going to do what you did last year nothing? Yet I must defend you also in regard to Kristen Grandinetti, and her comments calling you a union hating racist .How despicable of her . You may not like the unions and have some strange ideas but racist is a word I have never ever heard anyone call you .She should be ashamed of herself and Mark Laurie school superintendent should be ashamed for having a teacher like her molding the minds of our children. She is the lowest form of scum.

Received an email apparently a woman that was in the court room the day cellphone Bobby lost his mind came forward. How bad is it that a judge hearing  domestic violence cases abuses a woman that was there as an abused person talk about a power-hungry tyrant.

There is a post from a Mr. Ken Cosentino that I was sent, and I want to share it,

Ken Casentino

This is my friend Kim. As a concerned citizen of Niagara Falls, Kim was brave enough to come forward as one of 46 people who mayoral candidate Robert Restaino wrongfully arrested. According to an official review of his actions, Restaino "engaged in what can only be described as two hours of inexplicable madness."https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/nov/28/usa

Restaino was fired for this abuse of power and now he wants to be mayor of our beloved hometown at this most crucial time. We do NOT need a monster such as this representing our city in negotiations with the Seneca Nation or any other potential business partner. Listen to Kim's testimony; This is the truth, so judge not lest ye be judged (and wrongfully arrested for one man's impotent rage!)
Is this who we need as Mayor.

On one final note we received many emails saying John Spanbauer was cutting grass at the golf course and that he is a silent partner in this golf course Kapper. If anyone has  any information please let the Pipeline know because  he has stated he is not involved with it at all

Anyways Its to nice outside to sit in here

so till next week

keep the information flowing,

 The Pipeline


May 31, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Sorry so late but I went to the debate and those 2 candidates were so boring they put me to sleep. What a waste of an hour. They should have gotten a room together. No

cojones neither of them but Cellphone Bobby did look very nervous. Seth had the overwhelming support in the room that was obvious. To quote a line from the movie Happy Gilmore “ We are all dumber now after listening to that I award you no points may God have mercy on your soul”.

Mayoral candidate Choolokian was in attendance he was surrounded by a different group conspicuous by his absence was longtime friend Sam Archie is there a rift there?

By the looks of what I read lately on Facebook Archie has become part of that smoking with men group led by Zona and friends is this a new unholy alliance?

Facebook Bad Boys Stella and Larkin have been really pounding the Democrat Mayoral candidates the questions and comment they have made are right on the mark. If you two ever want to have a go at it send in some articles I will post in their entirety.

I had hoped to see Jeff Elders there, but he was nowhere in sight is he really a candidate or is the rumor that Restaino put him up to run true? Still waiting to hear from Board of Elections if his petitions were turned in. Really want to see the 3 council candidates go at it . I’m fine with whichever 2 win but my personal preference is Tompkins and Corsaro.  I think the public needs to hear them in a debate session.

When are we going to take a bite out of crime.Every day it’s something? I sit in my living room at night I get worried about a drive by. Our city will never grow while crime runs wild. Who will want to come here to live or shop or to start a business. Fix crime improv quality of life everything else falls into place.

At the advice of one of our contributors to the sight Joe S. I tried the pizza pie on cornmeal at Marino’s on Pine Ave  it is now my favorite pizza spot .Thank you Joe.

Kudo’s to Ken Tompkins and his Memorial Day committee despite the heavens opening and soaking everyone it still went off without hardly a hitch.

Another contributor Longshire writes : That entertainment we had yesterday at the Ralph Pescrillo owned property at 417 22nd make my property worth more than the 80g's you claim it's worth? I mean, people yelling about how they work for the Buffalo PD and spitting on one another makes for a good viewing.

Mayor D thinks letting borderline mental patients and criminals into the city is a good thing. There should be a city ordinance stating that if you want to run a slum house,You have to have your tenants live on the mayor street for at least a year before setting them loose into the neighborhoods. Like my neighbor said, "Welcome to Mayor Dyster's wonderland. This is what the dimwit wanted and we get to pay the price for it. I hope the cash Pescrillo claims he throws around in city was worth it for him.".

Well I did receive some interesting comments from John Restaino regarding his brother Mayoral candidate Robert “The Jailer “ Restaino. I have asked him to write it up in a letter form and be more specific hopefully that gets done soon.
Ok back to that question and answer hour by Seth and Bob here is what I think will happen they have 2 more question and answer sessions scheduled.I refuse to say debate because it wasn’t. They will play nice in public than a week before the primary the mailboxes will be flooded with mud slinging flyers,because neither have the balls to call the other one out.So the winner of the primary will be a tie between the print shops and USPS.

Anyways have a great weekend
as always keep the information flowing,

 The Pipeline

May 24, 2019

Well Pipeline readers it is the long Memorial Day weekend and me and Mrs. Pipeline are heading down to our cabin, so we will be taking a week off on our Blog, but we did include a great email from one of our long time readers and contributers longshire. Take a look at the link it is very interesting. Well folks have a safe long holiday weekend and dont forget to take a moment to remember all the men and woman who sacrifed for us.

as always keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline

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  Maziarz/Wojtaszek employment agency


longshire <longshire@protonmail.com>

Date: Thu, May 23, 2019 10:44 am
To: "info@niagaraspipeline.com" <info@niagaraspipeline.com>

From Subject (Thread Messages) Date Size

Found this on the web. It's old,But the one big change would be moving Maziarz's wife from judge Kloch to Paul Wojtaszek and insert king henry sister as Kloch new secretary. This move was made before the shit hit the fan and george was forced to step down.

May 17, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. I really feel bad I just haven’t been able to get on any sort of schedule lately and getting this out on a timely fashion has been difficult but please bear with me some normalcy should soon occur again.

Well campaign signs are  popping up all over and we  have seen Choolokian signs up all over the city which was curious as there is no Republican primary and I was hoping he didn’t do anything dumb to cause himself controversy than I discovered the  Working Family line was open on an opportunity to ballot giving him a primary as it will allow voters of that party to write him in so Working Family voters make sure you write in Glenn Choolokian it must be spelled correctly.

Looks like Seth has stepped into a pile of shit lately it seems he can’t do anything right from the Memorial Parkway home fiasco to the Johnny Ryan building ,what else will pop up ? Surely there is much more after him being there for 10 years. This is by no means to say we here are favoring Cellphone Bobby we are just waiting to place the finishing touches on some information.

As for the council race it was looking like Tompkins and Spanbauer in the primary and then sweeping the general but in recent days , Spanbauer anti-union remarks have spread like wildfire thru the police, fire and city unions and I’m not giving him much success.It seems Spanbauer has joined Council member Chris Voccio in hating the Union worker.  So, my updated council prediction is Tompkins and Corsaro with the general election going to Tompkins and Alicia Kenyon over Candace by less than 100 votes. Over in the legislator’s race. The seat vacated by Jay Zona looks like it will go to John Accardo as he has been very active both door to door and thru social media his opponent has become a ghost in fact as I am sitting here, I can’t even remember his name.

Ok I know the weather has been terrible lately but driving down Porter road the other day I gazed at both sides of the golf course I want to know who is taking care of the upkeep . The grass looks like it was cut by Mr. Magoo terrible if the grass can’t be cut properly than it will go down further than it is now in how many people are playing there.

School board elections in a couple of days ,I hope more than the average amount of people come out  in fact it is an embarrassing total maybe 2500 people at the most .I like to see some new blood there I’m thinking Paul Kudela and Vincent Orsi two gentleman that seem to have a handle of what’s going on.

Was anyone surprised the other day when gazette had article that City will run out of money by July. Everybody and their brother knew this was going to happen . Marie Brown was replaced because she saw what was happening and warned the administration. It’s no secret the money isn’t coming from the Seneca’s even though they went to arbitration the question is will the promise from Commandant Cuomo about giving the city 12 million come through or was it simply a campaign promise? My money is on betting it doesn’t come thru. What will that mean, it means layoffs cutbacks ,unfortunately the people we need will be the ones affected by it. The Mayor should layoff at city hall first where there are too many wasted jobs. But 12 million dollars to make up is a lot of employees the next 8 weeks will be interesting to say the least and depending how it goes could be the end of Seth’s Mayoral aspirations.

A quick shout out to Joe S. you were so right Merinos has a good take out fish fry.

Anyways that’s it for this week

as always keep the information flowing,

Next week Restaino exposed:

The Pipeline




May 10, 2019

Finally, Friday my favorite day of the week .So I surprised you all getting this week out their early. Reason is I am taking Mrs. Pipeline for a weekend getaway, but no fear because there is no chance for any little Pipelines to show up.

So, we have just sent out a series of questions to John Restaino regarding his comments about his brother Robert we will print them when he sends them back.

Well our friend longshire has posed an interesting question here is his email:


Here's a condemned properties question for the mayor


longshire <longshire@protonmail.com>


Tue, May 07, 2019 2:22 pm
To:"info@niagaraspipeline.com" <info@niagaraspipeline.com>

If your property is condemned and posted in the window of the property, why are the people still living in said property? Such is the case of 417 22nd St. It was condemned on Saturday due to no running water and a foulsmell, Yet the people haven't been moved out and are still living in it. Then again, it’s a Ralph Pescrillo owned property and his claims of having the mayor and some on city council in his back pocket are starting to ring true. This was turning into a problem property anyway. The people moved in a week ago and the cops and emt's have been there at least every other day.  Now along with the Zodiac, we thought we'd actually see some police protection in the neighborhood. Were we wrong, as soon as the call was complete, it was back to DeVeaux to make sure the college kids and their keggers are kept in line? 

 So, as I mentioned last week, I had another FB post between Bill Kennedy and Robert Restaino that I somehow deleted, fortunately one of my loyal readers found it and resent it. So here it is.

So, you have all heard the expression A bad penny always turns up and guess who turned up again yes Kristen Grandinetti with more venomous Facebook posts. These were sent by yet another reader, keep in mind that a couple months ago she blasted as she put it 6 causcion woman a few who were union employees for being republican any ways here is her latest rant and I find it refreshing she had another woman challenge her for her slanted views

Then the woman in above thread called her out again, like her spunk someone is putting KG in her place.

Well I have to applaud the Democrats for demanding an investigation regarding OB we have been hearing for awhile about “Favors” that have been handed out .Now one of our contributors ha aso heard that some heavy gamblers received comp tickets for casino music events  over at Batavia Casino . That in itself is no big deal it’s almost expected, but a few of those gamblers when they went to some of these events they ran into a large number of people that told them they were simply politically connected to this or that western New York party or committee and that was the reason they were given the tickets they kept getting. These folks were actually bragging how their political dealings were what kept them getting the freebies. They really weren't gamblers at all. 

 So, is this an   abuse of the freebies by Henry this may be  way bigger than it looks right now in the news.

 There is no damn way that it's legal for the OTB to give active political people and political organizations taxpayer paid entertainment. That would mean that Henry and his bozo friends are literally using taxpayer funds to throw an ongoing entertainment scam for themselves. Kind of like Dyster did with the Hard Rock Cafe

 We hear there are grumblings that the FBI may take them down Apparently, they feel Henry has brought to much heat  to OTB right across the state. And we are hearing that the decision was made in democrat Albany to "drop the Wojtasjek family" because they have gotten a little too big for themselves and are pulling too many shots around the state (Henry at OTB, his wife the DA, his sister the judge and his brother the Supreme Court Justice). Looks to us like George is going to have the last laugh on the man that he created, Henry. Along with a laugh on the others he created, like Rick Winter, Scott Kiedrowski and assemblyman Mike Norris. All the rats that George helped but who turned on him in the end. 

 Just tossing this out there Anyone hear how the golf course looks and plays?

 We keep reading about all the casual water on the course and how carts aren't allowed yet and blah blah blah. Other local course don't seem to have all this drama all the time like Hyde Park.

  And we see where Horn is boasting about how he's having the women locker rooms painted and decorated. Really? You do that bullshit work in the off season. And that doesn't do a thing for playing conditions. And who pays for all the redecorating? Taxpayers or the Horn group? Speaking of that, his group's members have yet to be identified publicly. Not a problem. This is Dyster World, and everything has been taken care of. We're still puzzled: how does Dyster choose the parking lot manager of One Niagara as the operator of the city golf course? A guy who used to manage Vince Anello's mayor campaign. Politics does make strange bedfellows we hear. 

 On a final note go read Ken Hamilton’s article in the Niagara Reporter regarding all 4 Mayoral candidates

Well we are shoving off for a nice romantic Mother’s Day weekend Still haven’t told her where we are going yet.

So as always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

May 3, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. So very sorry folks the week got away from me was in Ohio for a few days got back yesterday. Thankfully we had some readers send in emails, so we are going to use a lot of their stuff.

Round one is just about over on the Seth and Restaino fight. As we all know Seth “I can do what I want” Piccirillo got his ass in a sling because of the Memorial Parkway way issue with Karen Mock home purchase. I will bet if people dug harder, they would find this isn’t the only property deal she has been involved with as a favor (wink wink). Kudos to the block club for bringing this to light but we have heard that Cellphone Bobby Restaino was behind the scenes feeding them info and pushing them to make an issue of this. This played out on Facebook and is still an on going battle by the hundreds of Facebook lawyers. Of course, Facebook bad boy Gregg Larkin is the biggest instigator as a he knows just which buttons to push and the Seth “we drink the Kool aid” followers  lose their minds. Ironically the 3 Bad boys Larkin. Stella and Archie are on different sides of the Mayoral race yet find a way to be civil. If you ask me, they don’t have the balls to attack each other or maybe they are just that smart.

So in the midst of this Councilman Bill Kennedy the quiet councilman stages a public service event calling out the recent crime issue and holds a press conference about it.While the safe shopping initiative is in my mind a feel good idea it none the less shows maybe City Hall is listening  as in any great adventure you need a start can this be it . Kudos Bill Kennedy .This led to Kenny Tompkins guest view stating public safety needs to think out of the box and more initiatives are needed as we must address the cause of the criminal activity.

This leads to Robert Restaino guest view about crime and in his infinite wisdom he attacks Kennedy for grandstanding the crime issue, now he doesn’t call Bill out in public just yet but even a blind man could see he did.Restainos guest view actually says it all I’ll simply post this picture and you tell me

This leads to a Facebook battle where Bill Kennedy ripped into Restaino I didn’t think the quiet kid had it in him he shocked me, unfortunately I deleted the email that was sent to me showing that exchange. A day later Restaino is singing praises to Kennedy .

Bill please tell us you’re no that gullible to buy into his crap. Yet this should show what a political whore Restaino is and how unstable he also is .

Many people commented how come the two other candidates  Choolokian and Elders have not chimed I think it is a smart move on their part staying out of that toxic situation until its finalized.

Speaking of Restaino we received an email from John Restaino so let me share it with you:

John Restaino
Restaino for Mayor

What happened in that courtroom in 2005 was the only truth about Bob the community has seen. He has a horrible temper. How many times I personally was involved in arguments & actual physical confrontations because of his actions. He smiles in the public but behind closed doors is a tyrant. I feel bad that I didn't say something before his Judicial election, but I was younger and didn't much care what he was doing anyway. I have had to speak face to face with people that were in that courtroom and apologize directly to them. He never did that because he still feels he was right. He has ZERO remorse for his actions. Not one single minority or women should vote for him. If this community elects this "petty tyrant" its mayor, then I will quote President George W Bush " fool me once"... well I'm sure you know the rest. Feel free to ask any questions of me. Find me on Twitter @JohnRestaino13 the truth is here if you want it.

So, readers if you have specific questions to what the younger Restaino has to say send them here and I will forward. Let’s get to the bottom of this


In all this Seth makes one of the funniest comments It is  pretty funny how he now says that he is his own man and it's not fair to tie him to Dyster's fucked up government. Holy shit.

Dyster gave him one top job.

 Then gave him a second top job.

 Then Dyster worked an illegal job description scam for him to get around the Hatch Act.

 He owes everything to Dyster. 

 Wait till the truth comes out on how much pay and city reimbursement Piccirillo has received. 

 Seth had better keep his fingers crossed on his HUD Mock scandal. This is the second time he's done insider deals with her and got caught. But there's a new US Attorney in Buffalo now and Hochul is long gone. No Dyster friend in that position to cover for him today.  HUD is federal dollars. 

 Another he mail from our good friend Joe Shiro

Joe schiro
Huge thank you
Thank you for the well wish’s the surgery went well I should be home Wednesday. My new line is street by street block by block Let’s take our city back the spineless mayor needs instruct  the police to start shaking the bush. With bullshit Crime again thank you Joe

 Glad you’re feeling better Joe

 Next week some info on the OTB deal.

 As always keep the information flowing .

 The Pipeline

April 26,2019

Finally Friday my favorite Day of the week. Well we were sent a short text today asking if we were going to continue the weekly food review and if so than we should check out Ernie Bivens and his wife’s chicken and ribs. Apparently, they make and sell some of the best ribs this side of the Mississippi and they are selling them tomorrow .So I am going to run over there grab a couple dinners and let all you good folks know how they are.

Kudos to Mayor Dyster and Councilman Touma for rolling out the initiative for Safe Shopping Days due to the recent robbery’s on Pine Ave. Are you frickin kidding? That’s like putting a piece of bubblegum on a leak on the Hoover Dam .I want to know what you are going to do the rest of the day. The crime problem needs to be addressed not this piss poor attempt at Grandstanding. Let’s hear what’s going to be done, don’t kiss me on the cheek and say it’s okay. We have a crime problem. We have a serial killer running loose. We have drug issues running rampant gun shots half the night . Now the Mayor is asking for $50,000.00  to start this. I hope the council does not blindly give him the okay without first getting details. We have 4 candidates running for Mayor. The crime issue I feel is the biggest issue we face. Fix that and other things fall into place because people aren’t going to stay where they are not safe. So Mayoral candidates, what say you .

Well the Memorial Parkway debacle Seth what is going on you are very quiet. My opinion just from what I read you screwed up thought you were more important than you are. I hope the city isn’t going to pay for your mistake. If you want to fix this take it out of your pocket. We as citizens have paid for too many fuck ups by the administration.

Received a fantastic email from a contributor named longshire:

Subject:        It's about friggin time

From:    longshire <longshire@protonmail.com>

Date:     Wed, Apr 24, 2019 12:23 pm

To:  info@niagaraspipeline.com" <info@niagaraspipeline.com>

The people on this council took the so-called "Lower Crime Rate" seriously. Then again, this is all smoke and mirrors. Bill Kennedy had one of his signs during the last election on a known drug house(The former 420 22nd St. Wished I would have taken a picture when the task force was kicking down the door) I've said it before and I'll say it again, Nothing will be done until someone related to the mayor or city council gets seriously hurt or God forbid, killed. Until this city stops taking in others trash (Ie:the inhabitants of the old Zodiac on Niagara st) then nothing will change. That place should have been fully condemned when it caught fire. We're now being harassed by the inhabitants looking for cigarettes and spare change. I tell them to go to 2 places, the landlord who lives across the street on Niagara St or over to Orchard Parkway to the mayor’s house. And why is it we never see a cop in the neighborhood unless there on a call there? Once they take a report, they head right back to LaSalle or Deveaux.  The so-called experiment that the 2 owners are doing isn't working, take your mess back to Buffalo where you came from. If want to start cleaning up the city, start on 19th and Niagara st by shutting down that mini-mart. That’s the start and the end of the problems right there.

Which leads me to the prostitutes on Niagara St. We nicknamed the one "Mayor Dyster's Girlfriend" as she hits the street as soon as the weather gets warm and never seems to get arrested. She has no problem blocking peoples garages with her john's cars while she's "Working" and got into it with someone trying to get out of their garage. The john was threatened a call to 911 and some play with a crow bar. It's sad that we have to pay for a police department that takes it's time getting to calls. 

Shout out to Ken Thompkins, you have my vote. You did us a solid with the garbage problem and it won't be forgotten. The rest starting with Andy "That's Unacceptable" Touma can go look elsewhere..........

For the record he mails this to all the councilman and the Mayor. Thanks for your contribution.

A get well shout out to Joe S who we read is in the hospital, get well so you can give them hell.

Politics here just gets crazier by the day . The only ones that suffer are the citizens. They all talk the talk but very few maybe 1 or 2 actually do something. Anyways looking at the weather report I guess we need to get the shovels out again.

So as always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

April 19, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well I wasn’t sure if I was going to have article today or not but a few things going on I want to touch on. First and foremost, my final Fish Fry review and then my winner of best Fish Fry in the area. We went to Taylors Tap and Grill on NF Blvd in Wheatfield, this spot was Mrs. Pipelines choice .The only 2 previous times we were there the service was terrible, but I didn’t feel like arguing so I begrudgery went. As always, I ordered the baked fish and Mrs. Ordered the Italian breaded. Well they started off with a strike as they microwaved the baked potatoes. Wasn’t a fan of that. At 3:30 there wasn’t a lot of people, yet they sat us near the door and every time door opened, we got hit with cold air. Anyhow when they served our food the fish with the Italian breaded looked like fryer hadn’t been cleaned as there were clumps of burnt breading on it, the baked fish looked a bit dry I loved the Cole slaw service was good for a change but not good enough to make me go back there .Yet I will give them a 6.5 out of 10 rating. 

So, for my choice of favorite Fish Fry goes to The Mug and Musket in Youngstown, good food great staff nice location. We will send them a certificate shortly.

Well old Seth boy has stepped in a ton of shit with this property on Memorial parkway if you haven’t heard it’s the one he sold for $1,000.00 and  now it’s rumored the city going to buy back for $10,000.00.Seems the name Karen Mock came up again in the mix and if memory serves me right I believe she was involved in some other questionable deals with the city .Apparently she got the property for either $1.00 or a $1,000.00 claiming now too much to rehab yet we see she posts on Facebook this picture.

One of the Bad Boys of Facebook Gregg Larkin  started the ball rolling with a post on Facebook in the forum Niagara Falls Uncensored. There is probably over 200 comments in order to give it justice I suggest you folks go check it out it certainly is a shit show with the people defending Seth. In fact, one comical part is a woman named Bernice who we now find out is running an illegal BNB who claims she’s living here yet is running for common council in Buffalo. For those of you that can’t access that column I was sent the entire thread and will try to put it in a zip folder next week for you all to read All this is starting to tie things together its basically all part of the Seth being Dyster 2.0 .

This is not to say Cellphone Bobby is any better.

Speaking of cell phone Bobby, we received an email from his Brother Johnny :


John Restaino
Restaino For Mayor
First off I would like to address anyone that feels I am making up stories. I have absolutely NO reason to make up stories. Every one of my "stories" can be verified by people that were there and witnessed it. There are so many instances of behavior that mirrors the infamous 2005 incident. Some personal, and some public. So, public that would take place at Bowling alleys, softball fields or other establishments. For any that want to question my recollection of situations I am all over town and Twitter. Feel free. The truth hurts. I will not mention people's names that witnessed this behavior publicly but in private.

We here are looking forward to explicit details from young John Restaino.

Special email from our friend Candace Corsaro

You Are Invited !

Join in as we Celebrate the

Opening of Candace J. Corsaro

Campaign Headquarters

May 2nd, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Open House Get Together from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm, bring a friend.

Light Refreshments will be served.

1323 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY 14301

Okay we have had enough this past week Crime went crazy again here in Niagara Falls .When will ass clowns Touma and Dyster admit we have a crime problem here in Niagara Falls. What is our new yes man chief of police doing about this? Chief this is one-time silence is not golden.
The Mayors race is going to be interesting as we see there is a 4th candidate running apparently Joe Elders is passing Independent Nominating Petitions he has until May 26th to submit 500 signatures to be on the November ballot. I understand he is formerly from LaSalle was a jock in High School and is was a Pilot with the Federal government having retired now .This shall be interesting. Personally, I don’t think he can win so which candidate does he hurt? Time will tell .

Anyways cutting this short more detail next week.

As always keep the information flowing.

 For those that do have a Happy 420  and for the rest of us Happy Easter

The Pipeline

April 12, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well Friday was a hectic day, so I did the unthinkable Mrs. Pipeline went to Tops and purchased two fish fries to go. I am not a fan of take out fish, so I was a little pissed off but for $7.99 each I figured what the hell. Let me tell you it was a huge piece of fish tasty lightly battered and flaky  fries and Cole slaw ,for a quick meal on the go it was pretty good I give them an unprecedented 6.5 out of 10 rating.

Actually, had this done yesterday around 8 pm, but we here at Pipeline headquarters received an email that was shocking. Normally someone sends something in I will just copy and paste so my readers can see who sent it in.

This particular email was different and only because of its content. I first was going to just print it and leave out the person’s name  who sent it, but though if I did people would say bullshit.So I contacted the person and they said go ahead and use his name, as he will have more information forth coming. So, with that said:

John Restaino
Restaino for Mayor


I am sending you this because first off I enjoy your blog. Secondly, I am very concerned about this campaign for mayor. The perception in the public is that Robert is a caring servant of the people. Loves the community. This is a hoax. Couldn't be farther from the truth. I have lived through and seen the truth. This is a disaster waiting to happen. What happened in 2005 is just a peek into the truth. Decades long of that conduct. So, if you ever have any questions feel free to contact me.


So, the younger brother of Mayoral candidate” Robert Cellphone” Restaino will be sending out more information on what appears to be the seedy side of and what’s really behind the smile of Bob . This should be interesting and eye opening.

 John Restaino anything you want to send you can send it here as I imagine the news media will censor much of what you submit or not print at all. Rest assured we will print everything you send in.

Well petitions season is finally done; we should know officially in a few days who all the players are and if there were any surprise ones. I do suspect this will be onethe dirtiest campaigns in years.

AS everyone knows I scour the Facebook pages to see what’s going on throughout NF and also many readers send me lots of emails.

Well readers do you remember when the city got fined for dumping behind the hill at porter road. Well come to find out word has it it was a city employee that was the whistle blower. Ironic as I just found that out I have read Facebook posts constantly from a James M. and for the most part I agree with him but now that I find out he’s a city worker I am curious why he spends much of his day posting on Facebook bad mouthing elected city officials on work hours. So, Mayor Dyster, City Administrator  Melson, Councilmembers Kennedy, Scott, Tompkins, Voccio, Touma what are you going to do about this being done on the taxpayer’s dime?

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite emailers sent in some information. Regarding One Niagara here it goes. He did bring up some interesting thoughts. We will keep an eye on this

Gee, suddenly One Niagara wants to put millions into their building.

And the guy doing all the talking is Paul Grenga, campaign manager and illegal loan arranger for Anello. Check the old news stories and see that he was named by the feds as an unindicted co-conspirator who arranged the loan for Anello from Smokin Joe. And then he ratted out Anello.

Rick Horn, also a campaign manager of Anello's, and he just landed the golf course deal.

Dyster is now buddies with Anello people.

Makes a person wonder how and why it's going like this. 

Two words explain it: Andrew Touma. 

As for the alleged renovation of One Niagara, see the Buffalo News story on it. Reads differently than the Gazette. News reported that One Niagara asked for a five-year tax forgiveness initially but unexpectedly Grenga asked for a fifteen-year tax forgiveness at the IDA meeting. It was then tabled by the IDA. 

So, in the rush to change the lead story today I didn’t have time to throw some questions at Mayoral candidate Choolokian as I have to the other two, so I will have some questions for him next week.

A final note to my haters never assume you know what’s going on because more often than not your wrong

Anyways that’s it for this week
as always keep the information flowing,
The Pipeline


March 30, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well we headed over to the Bakery for the Friday fish. Always a favorite of ours until yesterday as always, I get the baked  Mrs Pipeline gets the fried. Now the Bakery is a little pricey, but I really don’t care if food is good and portions justify it, I don’t have an issue. Mrs. Pipeline had a nice piece of fish covered the plate pretty well. My baked fish could have gone on a BK whopper bun asked waitress why so small as I know restaurants get there fish all same size and either beer batter it or bread it or broil it so they should be the same size.Her lame excuse was that’s how the baked comes. Now I am  totally pissed from that bullshit answer finished eating and left a 2-dollar tip. Which is not like me. Needless to say, Mrs. Pipeline was mad at me because I was sort of a jerk. So, on the fish scale of 1-10 they get a 3

Well on to this week’s rants thought and opinions and observations. A final thought regarding Anello’s polls that he is now so enarmed with .

"As a city taxpayer are you aware that former Mayor and convicted felon Vince Anello arranged a labor agreement so that when he left office, he could continue to collect the city health insurance or opt out cash payment?"( now this we are not 100% sure on if someone knows this to be different let us know)

I guess we shouldn't be surprised that he stuck it to the taxpayers. After leaving office he got nailed for sticking it to his fellow IBEW members.

 Well we received a picture Friday morning and all I can say is , they say a picture is worth a 1000 words so what Holy Hell is this, we here would love to know the back story on this unholy alliance.

Moving right along on Facebook posts seems like the Myles camp has tossed the first dirt ball out at Amber Hill regarding her Native American citizenship and the fact that the 1924 citizenship act and the fact that the Onondaga nation refused to be part of it see the attached link here and judge for yourself. Personally, I see it as not an issue. Yet the Myles camp has an issue .The post reads

Hello, this week some important info was discovered regarding a city council candidate. Amber Hill for Niagara Falls City Council is an enrolled Native with the Six Nations. This violates the Haudenosaunee code. Candidate Hill must either relinquish her Native status in order to run or she must bow out of the race. "Accepting United States citizenship would be treason to their own Nations, a violation of the treaties and a violation of international law, as recognized in the 2007 United Nation Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples." Amber was given a chance to answer this publicly but refused to address it. How can we expect her to answer our public needs? Source:

Well shit hit the fan on this post Do your campaign followers a favor and drop ot now to avoid the embarrassment. This is not to say we agree with Amber as a candidate, her association with DelMonte was enough to turn us off about her 4 years ago.

Well we were out at Joeys Pizza a few nights ago and was surprised at the support Seth is getting in LaSalle right now .The Democratic primary maybe closer than 4 years ago when Dumpster squeaked out a narrow 63 vote victory over the soon to be our next mayor Choolokian.

Has anyone heard anything different lately about garbage pickup? A reader sent this in and asked. Did the mayor lose the garbage pickup contract and not tell anyone? Strange how the last 2 weeks it's been the small city truck that picks the garbage from the city placed bins. Is it one last shot at lining his pockets some more before his final term is up? It's a shame he can't leave the seat now instead of making us wait for his dishonor to finish his term. Then again, what’s going to follow him in is going to be as bad, if not worse. Once again that you Longshire for that one.

Here is a simple question for each Mayoral candidate.

How will you fix, right now,  what's wrong with the city: budget deficit, crime, cost of public safety and the shrinking tax base? End of story. Or don't run for mayor. That is, it in a nutshell everything else is just fluff.

Well I want to get outside while its semi nice today as snow is expected tomorrow.

As always keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline

March 23, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well yesterday we ventured to North Tonawanda to the Broadway Hotel for a fish fry. It’s just a little place in fact if you drive by it you would probably say what a dumb. Classic case of don’t judge a book by its cover. The place was packed we had a 40-minute wait to get a table. So, after a couple ice cold Molson Goldens, once we were seated our waitress brought us each a small cup of German potato salad and Cole slaw. It is the same as other restaurants giving you bread when you sit .We both ordered our regular style of fish I got a baked potato and Mrs. Pipeline got fries. Friendly service a bit of a wait to get served but when it came it was so well worth it. No complaints here, great portion and great price. They get a 7 out of 10 on the rating scale.

Well looks like final week of petitions and other than Alicia, Candace, Choolokian, Kenny T and Seth I haven’t seen any candidates walking the streets. I tell you if I was a candidate, I would be pulling petitions, especially after seeing some candidates petitions on business counter tops, but what do I know.

Has any one else gotten mailers we received 3 at our house petitions aren’t even over and the junk mail is already out.

Mayoral candidate Robert “I know what’s wrong with the City but gives no answers on his plans” Restaino had his fundraiser the other night at Antonio’s from the pictures that were posted he had quite the crowd but after a closer look I would say half are the local political shills and a large amount of family members (I wonder if he forced them to come) and  the out of towners that cant vote. I would like to give Robert Restaino a piece of advice ,I looked even closer at your pics on FB and I see Ron Cunningham, I think he has supported 1 winning candidate in 40 years and Art “ I never had a Winner”Curcione who has had 2 winners lawn signs in his yard in the past 40 years .

Based on that whoever they support well all  I can say that it’s money in the bank that  their opponent will be victorious.

So, Robert Restaino it’s your turn to step up to the plate you have posed numerous videos and comments on what is wrong with Niagara Falls, myself and my readers want to know your PLAN. After all talk is cheap.

So, let me throw some general questions out there.

 Where did We Are Taking Back Niagara Falls go? Is the group burned out, tired out or blown-out by Dyster?

Tour guide Chris Voccio isn't posting much on Facebook lately. He's not working on the city budget so what's he doing? He's probably in his basement practicing his quick draw.

How about all those casino dollars given to businesses on and around Third Street through Dyster's NFC? Lots of defaults and bankruptcies over the years. Why no official report released on the millions given away?

Remember "Reclaim Niagara?" They were outed for being a fake organization in bed with Paul Dyster and they disappeared. What happened?

People are inquiring on Facebook where the $500,000 in casino funds for the Highland Ave fire hall went after mayor candidate Seth Piccirillo received it. Where's the cash, how was it used? 

When will the city golf course open for 2019? What kind of shape will it be in and how much will the taxpayer be stuck for in 2019 operating expenses?

The "new train station" opened its doors three years ago and Dyster and Company have yet to reveal the  ridership figures and exact operating costs. The media and council aren't asking questions. Why is that?

What will happen first: Francine DelMonte's USA Niagara will develop a real tourism attraction?  Will the Gazette will print a critical word on Dyster?

When  Vince Anello will stop talking about the 2004 "city council cabal"?


Just to have a little fun here’s a few more.

The former mayor is running a Facebook "poll" now. (Vince Anello)

His poll question is: "Is White Supremacy a problem?"

Anello has now officially lost his mind. He's falling right in line with the "socialist progressive democrats" and the fake news media that want open borders, single payer national health insurance and the abolishment of ICE while branding every white person a racist just because they're white. 


Here's a poll for the former mayor:

"Who does Vince Anello obsess over more: President Trump or the 2004 city council?"

And if that poll doesn't work here's another:

"In Vince Anello's eyes, who did more damage to Niagara Falls: the 2004 city council or three terms of Paul Dyster?"

Donald Trump and the 2004 city council stick in this guy's throat like a piece of bad Italian sausage. 

Get over it Vince. 2004 was fifteen years ago and sixty-four-million people voted for the President. 

Let’s see who has the testicular fortitude to answer.

Anyways that’s it as always keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline

March 15, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well in sticking to Lenten season traditions I will review last night’s fish fry dinner. Mrs. Pipeline and I traveled to the quaint village of Youngstown, NY we stopped into the Mug and Musket owned by Facebook bad boy Mike Stella. We got there a little early around 5:15 luckily, we did as the restaurant started filling up. As always, I ordered the broiled fish and the Mrs. Ordered the Cajun crunch, dinners come with potato and coleslaw. Waitress was very pleasant waited on us promptly. Our orders came out, my broiled fish was one of the best I have had in sometimes it was flaky very sweet tasting and a nice portion. The Cajun crunch was a perfect blend of crunch and spices .The only issue we had was Cole slaw as I am not a fan of the larger cut  coleslaw, I am more of a fan of the KFC style slaw. So based on appearance,price,service the Mug and Musket gets a 9 out of 10.

On to this week’s thoughts and opinions. I have seen numerous comments from candidates and campaign workers complaining about the collection of petitions .Hell I know I didn’t answer my door during this lousy weather plus you don’t know if its candidates or Jehovah witness. New York needs to get  out of the stone age and get rid of this process and just let candidates file a performance bond if they want to run.

So last week we printed an email that John Spanbauer sent in  and tossed him a question. To our surprise he answered quickly and for that I commend him immensely as he is one of the first to ever respond. I am  starting to like this guy as a candidate, and I think Kenny T and John would make a great team on the council any ways here is his response.

Dear Niagaraspipeline: Thank you for printing the correct information on my candidacy for a seat on the Niagara Falls City Council. In the March 8 posting, Niagaraspipeline requested information on my association with the group that is leasing the Hyde Park Golf Course and what would my position be if elected on a vote for something pertaining to the golf course. Let me provide you information on both.

The Niagara Golf Partners (NGP) is the group that was awarded the lease for the golf course.  In September of 2018, I was asked by Rick Horn, the president of NGP if I was interested in serving on an advisory committee for NPG. I accepted, and because of my recreation experience and my concern for the wellbeing of the golf course my role on the advisory committee would be to provide input and feedback on the operations of the course.  I have no money invested with NPG nor would I benefit from any financial gain of NPG if successful.  In late January of 2019, I resigned from the advisory committee of NGP.  The reason for my resignation was due to NPG not wanting me to speak in the public speaking session of the January 23 City Council meeting. I wanted to speak on the benefits of the course being leased and I was informed not to speak by NPG leadership. So, I resigned.   After resigning I submitted the following editorial to the Niagara Gazette which clearly outlines my position on the golf course:

I have been outspoken about the operations and conditions of the golf course since May of 2017. I have voiced my concern over the past year to anyone in city government that would listen.    I have sent many e-mails and pictures to the city’s leadership requesting action to be taken regarding the poor conditions of the course .

Also, there is some confusion with my involvement with the Hyde Park Golf Club and the NGP’s group.  I am a member of the Board of Directors for the Hyde Park Golf Club. This club has been operating since 1938 at the Hyde Park golf course and membership to join the club is open to all.  The club generates much needed revenue for the city by hosting weekly tournaments. This Hyde Park Golf Club is not associated with NGP. The organization are two separate entities.  For more information on the Hyde Park Golf Club review the link below.


Interesting article that Chris “Coffee ”Voccio wrote

We see he called Choolokian (although he didn't identify him by name) a labor "boss." He didn't refer to him as a union leader or labor leader or union president specifically, he smeared Choolokian with the "boss" word. 

When people read the words "union boss" or "labor boss" they think of Jimmy Hoffa and the mob and union thugs beating people up. Voccio knows exactly how people think when they read those words.

Questions for Voccio:

Why didn't Voccio mention the real labor powerhouse in city politics, the firefighters? Too afraid of pissing them off, Chris? 

We all know the firemen have the most money, the best financed PAC and total control of the democrat committee. Their campaign donations (both above and under the table) dwarf any other unions. They got Dyster elected three times. 

Why didn't Voccio mention that it was his buddy Dyster that signed an outrageous ten-year long contract with the firemen that cost the city over $2 million in the first year alone?
Personnel expenses are a legitimate issue but why didn't Voccio mention how Dyster raised department heads salaries as high as 60 percent and how he increased stipends by ten times since 2007? Or how Dyster has blown through OT by misusing the casino account? It was Dyster that greatly increased the "brass" problems of the fire and police departments by handing out promotions like candy as a reward for the union endorsements. This isn't a secret. Why not mention it Voccio? 

And what about Dyster creating  jobs for friends and politically connected buddies like no mayor ever before?

Or how about Voccio discussing how Dyster has misused casino funds to give grants and loans to supporters and city employees to "open businesses"? Why isn't Voccio calling for an audit of the NFC and the millions that Dyster loaned and granted? How about finding out about all the defaulted loans and dead-beat businesses that still owe the city taxpayers money? 

This is the councilman that pledged to fix the budget with his secret plan but once elected he refused to even participate in the budget process. 

And now he identifies labor as a problem but is too afraid to even name the most powerful and best funded labor union in the city!

And how about Voccio's buddy Dyster giving the firemen everything they asked for over the last twelve years in return for their endorsement and campaign contributions?

I really want to like Voccio I think he’s a smart guy has good idea’s but when he writes article like that its just hard to agree. It almost seemed like a back-hand  endorsement for one of the Democrats.

We were sent an email and  told the New York State Power authority had a test Friday wonder if anyone at City Hall took off the day to take the exam?

I want to comment again on lame duck Mayor D’s final state of the city address. Paul you stated crime decreasing here, Yet Niagara Falls is ranked #1 in the state per capita for crime and #84 in the country yet you are silent on Those three murdered, mutilated young women simply they  do not interest Dyster.

Whomever wins as Mayor needs to fix the situation as Niagara Falls has 2 huge black eyes and we can never turn this city around till we turn crime around. Can we ever eliminate it  No, but we can get a handle on it ?

Anyways heading out to Youngstown for their St. Paddys day parade and festivities

As always keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline

March 8, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Well it is the Lenten season and as you all know I like to give a weekly review of my favorite fish fry spots and at the end of Lenten I always give the years favorite place. So, Ash Wednesday we started of with a local favorite that was the Jetport. Service was spot on we both had the baked trying to get Mrs. Pipeline to eat healthier it was a nice portion but could have been a little thicker for my liking the sides were cole slaw and macaroni salad and fries, macaroni salad was a little watery and they plopped the fries on top of the fish, presentation was questionable, price was average 12.00 a dinner, so we give them a 7 out of 10.Last evening we were rushed so we had takeout which I had but it was necessary we ordered from Mr.B’s for a takeout fish fry it was exceptionally good from call to picking it up was under 30 minutes  8 out of 10 for their ranking.

Ok on to important stuff Our apologizes to Council Candidate Spanbauer we accidentally listed his name as Jim and not John. So, readers the candidate is John Spanbauer. Thank you, John, but for clarification it was Mr. Spanbauer who informed us and in the interest of being fair I will post his email to us as I have an issue or two with it.



Dear Niagaraspipline: Hi my name is John Spanbauer. I was directed to your website because I was informed that there was inaccurate information regarding my decision to run for a city council seat. Let me clarify so that you can provide accurate information on your site: • My name is John not Jim Spanbauer. I am not a school teacher in the NF school district. • I was not recruited the Republican party. I called the board of elections and informed them I wanted to run for a city council position, I was directed to speak with the Niagara Falls Rep Party Chair to get more information about how to run for office. • There was a press releases in the Gazette and the Niagara Reporter if you would like to find out more about the reason I am running. Let me know if you need any additional information to assist you in clarifying anything. This is the first time I am running for a political office and I can assure you that I am a candidate that will be transparent and be a voice in city government for the residents of NF. You don't have to post the correct information, just wanted to let you know. Thank You....John Spanbauer

Apparently, Mr. Spanbauer it appears you have a reading comprehension problem. Nowhere in last week’s comments did I ever mention you were a teacher in the Niagara Falls School System. In fact, I stated you were a professor at Niagara University. Interesting you mention transparent, if that’s the case ,we would like to know your association in the lease that was given to the group who will manage the Hyde Park Golf Course, If you are a part of that group and by some chance are successful in winning a seat, What will your position be should a vote for something pertaining to the Golf course be?

Well it appears Amber Hill is registered to vote here in the city which means she’s eligible to run. Did anyone see her segment on the world-renowned Sal and Rho Show? If you didn’t see it don’t worry you didn’t miss anything, she really doesn’t have a clue about the city,after listening for 45 minutes the only thing I came away with was how do I get those 45 minutes of my life back.

I’m going to jump around here a little so to the grammar police out there just calm down. Received an email from a WB retire.


I am a retired water board worker, it was about time that they fired Nicholas Forster handpicked thieves  Director Rolf Porter and Robert Drury.They both should be in prison along with board members Forster and Dan O’Callaghan. I hope they get rid of the rest of the incompetent people that they have running the place. It is unreal that they have lab worker as the executive director and a truck driver that is second in charge...this is unreal. Word going around town is the FBI is investigating the water board leadership along with the head of the HR department who has ties with the business agents of the electrical and steel workers Unions. I hope they all go to prison soon including these two business agents.

LJ Thank you we have been saying this for well over a year hopefully with a new Mayor and council persons they can make some changes to the WB board of directors.

So, lets Dyster had his final State of the city comedy speech. Has this guy no shame. He has left the city in shambles and he talks about how he’s laid the ground work for the rebirth of NF.Are you kidding me.He spoke about decrease in crime, again are you kidding me? Voters of Niagara Falls don’t be misled again. We cannot place another Democrat in the Mayors seat.

Speaking of embarrassments Grandinetti Please just Please go away you are a miserable person that can’t accept the fact you lost . We were sent a recent post that you placed on Facebook. I hope this makes it way to the School supertitntendt.So he can see what type of misguided person is employed by the district. I feel bad for the children under your watch. So here is the post for those of you who didn’t see it to read.

Let me ask you KG what does the fact that the 6 women were Caucasian mean, were you trying to start some type of race baiting war, can your comments be construed as bullying those women especially the ones that are with the union. Recently we see you endorsed Seth for Mayor if he had an ounce of integrity, he would denounce your endorsement, all that endorsement did was tie him closer to the Dyster 2.0 problem.

Anyways going to go wash the car

 as always keep the information flowing

P.S. we didn’t forget the questions we want to ask cell phone Bobby we will post that next week.

 The Pipeline

March 1, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. Yes, fans I am back on schedule at least for this week. So I caught part of George Maziarz press conference and it’s going to be interested to see who he throws under the bus.

Last week we discussed some potential candidates for public office and a week later we see changes already. So, lets update the card on the Republican side first. Mike Gawel has stepped down from running for council, so it looked like the Republicans have no primary, but no what happens they recruited another candidate Jim Spanbauer a professor from Niagara University to run and cause a primary .What are you guys thinking? You need to get 1 of the candidates out of the race either Corsaro or Spanbauer. Many years ago the rally cry around town was no more teacher’s or preachers in City Hall and we have 1 too many teachers on the council right now.

Over to team Democrat, we have the 3 candidates I mentioned last week, now we hear Ezra has 2nd thoughts about running for Mayor and is going to run for Council. If this guy can’t make up his mind about what he wants to run for how can he make any viable decisions in either office? And we have heard 2 other potential candidates for council but can’t confirm it yet.

Now we had some concerns regarding Amber Hill running still not able to find out specifics other than she is not registered in NF voting records, but we did receive some eye-opening information.

Amber hill

Under the city charter article 2 section 2.4 any candidate must be registered to vote one year prior to running date in the city of Niagara Falls . Or they can’t run for any office.

So it would seem to me she is ineligible to run.

Thank you Joe, for the information.

Petition season is under way I feel bad for those that are going door to door. Doing petitions in the month of March makes no sense. I understand the reason this was moved but if we are going to do this let’s do away with the archaic method of getting petitions and do what many other states do and have the candidates file a performance bond to run.

Casino funds still up in the air, that was my gut feeling all along that it just wasn’t going to be forwarded with out a fight. So, our next Mayor has some tuff decisions on finances. Speaking of finances lets toss this out to candidate Seth Piccirillo on money blown thru Isiah 61 that he was the caretaker of.

The site for Isaiah 61 has no information as to who is on their staff, who the board members are, what their relationship is or used to be with Dyster and Piccirillo and the city.

They have two locations, one on Buffalo Ave in NF and one on Walnut street in Lockport. Does the city of Lockport give them money?

And they are soliciting construction work on the site. Offering their construction and cleanup services to "for profit and nonprofit organizations." Maybe we missed this previously, but we never recall this agency offering or promoting themselves as a one stop rehab and repair and maintenance place for people looking for a contractor.

The plot continues to thicken with this outfit.

We wonder who in or around city hall has used their services. Dyster? Piccirillo? Their friends?

What city money and or city services is the city supplying to Isaiah 61? What have they given to them to date?

And as for their skills they boast about on their site, how and why did they collapse the house on Centre avenue and why is the fire hall to this day still not rehabbed four years after Dyster gave them more than $500,000 in casino money?

Where is the rehab money?

Was any work done on the fire hall? If so what work?

 If work was done why isn't the building open?

Did the money disappear?

Who is responsible for managing the $500,000?

Why no answers and why no investigation or a public audit as to the full relationship between city hall and Isaiah 61 from 2014 to this date?

Candidate Piccirillo must be made to clear all of this up.

Let’s see if he or anyone from his campaign respond, next week we toss some money questions to Robert “Cellphone” Restaino.

Next week look for a lot of Water Board info, We here at the Pipeline have received a lot of emails about all the corruption that is going on at the Water Board.

As always keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline


February 22, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. So, in typical Niagara Falls fashion we are now entering the time of silly season AKA: Niagara Falls campaign time. As we have stated here many time’s we had heard not only in the coffee shop circles but on the street that the “fix” was in to allow Robert “cellphone” Restaino to run on Republican line. A few days ago, a Mayoral Candidate submitted a letter stating those facts on what he had also heard, I will credit Choolokian his timing of the letter was excellent it was printed the day before the Republican county meeting, and Restaino was not given any authorization to run on the Republican line. Did the letter spook the republicans into not giving it to him as it would have shown that the fix was in or was it not even a consideration? Either way Restaino will not appear on Republican line.

“Rumors Begin to Circulate”

Than we see the conservatives party gave Restaino the endorsement. Are you kidding me a life long tax and spend Democrat you now find him to be conservative? Still doesn’t surprise me as they gave the endorsement to Andy “My City” Touma who has received substantial financial support from Restaino over the years. Here is the kicker the chairman of the conservative party Dan Weiss is a teacher in the Niagara Falls School system looks like the good old boy’s network is still alive and well.

I have strong feelings about party endorsements especially when it comes to incumbents. So we were glad to see The Republicans endorse Kenny Tompkins. Hopefully they learned their lesson in endorsing incumbents after all When they had Republican Mayor Jake Palillo running for reelection they refused to endorse at that time because a committee member also wanted to run for Mayor. Here is a copy of the endorsement letter from Mr. Bill Carroll,

Bill Carroll
NF GOP Endorsements
Good Morning: For Immediate Release Contact: William Carroll Phone: (716) 284-4159 Niagara Falls Republican Committee Endorses Tompkins for Re-Election Niagara Falls, NY (February 21, 2019) – The Niagara Falls Republican Committee announced that they have officially endorsed incumbent Niagara Falls Councilmember Kenny Tompkins for re-election in the 2019 primary and general elections. Tompkins was first elected to office in 2015 and announced earlier this month that he seeks to retain his seat. “Councilman Tompkins has demonstrated during his tenure that he truly is a man for the people,” said Niagara Falls Republican Committee Chairman William Carroll. “Not only has he been a strong advocate for better government here in the city, but he has immersed himself in many community projects, from chairing the Community Memorial Day Parade, his work with Summerfest, the Pine Avenue Flag Project, and more.” Carroll noted that Tompkins was the only councilmember to reach out to the State Comptroller regarding the use of an unsecured $12.3 million advance on casinos funds in the city’s 2019 budget. “He’s not afraid to ask tough questions and fight hard when he sees situations like this that could jeopardize our city’s finances,” Carroll explained. “Councilman Tompkins has a track record of standing up to the administration and attempts to take unnecessary risks with the budget and spending.” Another area in which Carroll noted Tompkins has had a strong voice is code enforcement. “From day one, Councilman Tompkins recognized that the city needs to move faster and be more forceful when it comes to addressing the blight caused by buildings in disrepair,” he said. “This is the type of advocacy we need for our residents and businesses, which is why we fully support Kenny Tompkins retaining his council seat.”

We also received a letter from Candace Corsaro,

Up-date - I enjoy this Pipeline... your honest
Let’s talk… TRANSPARENCY What we absolutely need at City Hall is TRANSPARENCY! We need COMPLETE communication; we need to hold city government accountable for their actions and decisions. Not having transparency in this and past administrations, has put a burden on residents, taxpayers and businesses. Lack of accountability and communication between our City Administration and City Council has been absurd. When talking to many residents and business owners they ask me, “WHY I want to run for City Council…” I tell them, “Someone needs to step up that is familiar with our city, who understands many of our needs, and who knows about Leadership. Someone not afraid to ask questions and obtain correct answers. Someone who will ‘step out of the box’ as a city councilperson and help bring in jobs that will improve our quality of life!” I am that person! I am a proven leader who cares. I am not afraid to confront anyone that is not doing their job! I know that using the experience gained in both my career and volunteer roles, I can help stabilize our community. I plan to work with like-minded people to improve our housing, neighborhoods, safety and help bring more businesses and jobs to Niagara Falls. LET’S BE HONEST… Our residents have lost trust and respect in our city government. To gain the respect of our community we must have a City Council that puts its people first, and cares about what it will take to improve the quality of life here! In order to accomplish this, we must elect a new City Council and administration with more experienced and knowledgeable people. Leaders who will work together to make the many improvements we desperately need. Yes, Niagara Falls is a great and wonderful attraction. Our city depends on tourists that bring in at least 30 million every year. What our citizens want to know is, “Why does that not translate into a magnificent city for the rest of us living here?” Other cities are doing better without this tourism. Our residents ask, “Why is Niagara Falls experiencing so many blighted neighborhoods? To our citizens it looks as though City Hall has been mismanaging funds, or there is corruption, or lack of leadership. What is it? We all want answers! What has happened to cause such poverty, crime and neglect within our city? We cannot go back so It is time to move forward, find the answers and implement new strategies. Yes, we must focus on improving tourism. But what about the rest of us? Not everyone here works in the tourism sector. I want to bring to your attention that many tourism jobs are low wage and not year-round. Over the years many of our skilled trades workers have been moving away. Our city is losing residents! How can we continue to budget money we do not have? Too many Promises from our State, that casino money is on the way. I have worked on budgets at state level, city level and community levels from thousands of dollars into the millions. As a real estate agent, I work with figures and finances every single day. I understand leadership! I am the first woman to hold the title of ‘Distinguished Governor’ for Kiwanis International of the New York District. We do not need a control board, we need reliable professional business people in our city government. We need to look at union budgets, the privatization of our properties contracts and hold new lessees accountable. We need to look at the two-tier tax for businesses! We need to hold our city departments accountable for not doing their jobs as they should be doing. We have to stop giving our money away and use it where it should be spent Period! What about our quality of life here? I have a daughter and granddaughter who had to move out of state for a better job as many of your children have done or will have to do. This is unfortunate! Niagara Falls cannot afford the decline any more of its residents! I was born and raised here in Niagara Falls and still live in our family home. I can’t and won’t give up on our city! What can we do? Well first, I would go above and beyond my duties to help bring jobs back here, good paying jobs. We have many abandoned homes that could be restored and lived in. Many renters would love a home of their own but cannot afford the ridicules amount needed for a mortgage. WE NEED KNOWEDGEABLE CREATIVE SOLUTIONS! I love our community! As a concerned citizen I have attended City Council meetings for years. I’ve stood with and alongside our unions. I continue to speak out on many issues concerning our city’s well-being. I have fought for ‘no tax’ increases. I have fought for our water, garbage fees, and bad streets. I have fought slumlords and empty properties. I have picketed against allowing pedophiles by our schools. I have fought for safety with our police and fire departments. In order to learn first-hand what happens, I went on a ride-along with our DPW and NFPD to learn about the departments and their plans to continue. To be a City councilwoman you need to know about Niagara Falls departments and operations. I have also held a position on the Board of Assessment. What another candidate has done so? Where have the other candidates been? NOT HERE, NOT STANDING UP for our quality of life, not for better city government. I know I can do a better job for you! I am an experienced LEADER… I have a BUSINESS point of view. I have the KNOWLEDGE of what we need. I have the caring it will take to improve our quality of life in this great city! I have a history of working with others, speaking my mind, being a team player. I have no conflicts of interest, no personal agenda other than making a difference here, where we live. I can work with anyone to get the job done. I have the passion to make this a better place for each one of YOU. So, in the best interests of our city. LET’S TURN IT AROUND TOGETHER! Call my personal cell phone: 716-804-4698. Learn more about upcoming events. Read the Blog. Find out how you can help and more on my website, www.CorsaroForNF.com


To all the Republican candidates and Chairman, I thank you all for sending in your letters, to any Democrats you also will have equal time here but if you don’t send anything in than the opinions,hear is what we will go with.

Speaking of the Democrats ,in a surprising move they didn’t endorse anyone. No doubt in my mind they will have a dirty primary for Mayor. The council race is curious to say the least/There are 3 candidates Alicia Liable Kenyon, Amber Hill Donhauser and a first-time candidate Dontae Myles. Alicia in the past has been linked to Dyster which I think hurt her she has a solid financial background isn’t afraid to speak up and is highly regarded in the private sector. Amber Hill Donhauser not much is known yet, other than she is registered to vote on Mt. Hope road and is rumored to live either at the Mt.Hope road address or somewhere on Packard road. Either way she is not registered to vote in NF as of Feb. 1 2019.So what’s the ruling is she able to run or not If I was a Democratic candidate, I would be all over this. Mr. Dontae Myles, we understand he’s a good musician, he is involved with the Peace Keepers group and is a cousin of unannounced Mayoral candidate Ezra Scott. Yes, Ezra for Mayor is what we hear. So, Ezra running is it legitimate or is he a spoiler? Our money is he is playing the spoiler role and is working with Restaino to take votes away from Seth, it has become evident as we have received reports back that every time Ezra and Restaino see each other it’s the handshakes hugging high 5’s to each other ,come on guys get a room take it somewhere else. Now this is not to say we are going to give Seth a pass we have numerous issues with Dyster 2.0.


Anyways windy weather coming in time to board up the windows.

Till next week keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

February 15, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. So,No show Restaino made it to the world renowned Sal and Ro Show . He spoke of many issues it was inspiring, it was informational, it was an hour of my life I will never get back. He looked like a deer that was caught in the headlights. If somehow he wins this, it will be that the election was rigged.

Seth so far has been doing a good job of promoting his platform almost every other day he has been engaging with the voters on Facebook, but videos where you can prepare your comment are much different than face to face so let’s see how he does.

I see Glenn Choolokian has entered the social media landscape, looking forward to hearing his position on the city and I imagine many people will have questions for him. Let’s see how that goes.

Now we have also heard that Councilmember Ezra Scott will be making an announcement that he will be running for Mayor, this is a definite head scratcher. Why Ezra? What could have possibly moved you to run for Mayor you have been a silent councilman for 3 years not 1 resolution to better the city have you written and other than your own self-promotion you have done nothing. Which makes many people think, did one of the other challengers put you up to this to steal votes?

So, the Democrat committee has stated they will not endorse anyone for the primary, which may or may not be a good thing. Republicans will be holding an endorsement meeting in about 10 days or so, what will they do? I imagine they will not endorse anyone either. Which is a bad move they should at least endorse incumbent Kenny Tompkins for council.

Yet the bigger question is will they give Robert “Cellphone” Restaino who is a registered Democrat the authorization to run on their line, especially now that Republican Glenn Choolokian has announced his intentions.

The reign of terror is over as everyone has heard Paul Dyster has announced he will not seek re-election. I wasn’t sure his intentions if he really would step down. Now the only question is what job did Andrew “the Destroyer of NY State” Cuomo give him.

This golf course deal I am still hung up on it I  just can’t place my finger on it .So I went back in time to research some article’s. The  Gazette had a story by Pfeiffer on August 8, 2010 that explains how Paul Grenga was the brains behind the $40,000 Smokin Joe loans to Anello in exchange for an eventual contract from Anello to Smokin Joe "and Paul Grenga who was Joe Anderson's partner" for the East Pedestrian mall. So, what do we see here? We see that campaign money exchanged hands for a "lease" of city property. The East Mall.

Is there a possibility that something along these lines just happened on the golf course "lease"? We are just thinking out loud on this.

Is there a possibility that Horn's unidentified "stakeholders" include his One Niagara business partner Paul  Grenga? A formerly unindicted coconspirator on the East Mall deal that put Anello in prison. 

Why would Dyster willingly do business with any of these people (Horn etc.) on any city business?

And now Dyster is leasing the golf course to Anello's former campaign manager and fire chief, Rock Horn. And is Horn partners with Anello's friend Paul Grenga. Horn may be partners with Grenga on the golf course, because Horn refuses to say who his partners and "stakeholders" are. And no one (mayor, city lawyers, council chairman, media, council members) are bothering to even ask him who he's working with on the golf course. 
Why would (if the rumors are to be believed) Bob Restaino, former judge and mayor candidate, get involved with this group? Has the group pledged campaign support to him? In exchange for what? 

There are a few people that are ecstatic about this golf course deal. Ken Hamilton, Voccio, Stella and Spanbauer.

Let's see if Hamilton cons his way onto the Horn payroll as a consultant. 
Let's see if Voccio can remember in July how he pimped this deal all through the winter. 

The 24-page golf course RFP is on line. If we ever get the time, we're going to read it to see what the fuck is in there. We hate to waste our time like that. There  is no way that anyone on the council read it. And the media certainly didn't read it. 

Lots of sneaky shit going on now in city politics and the city in general.
We are taking back Niagara Falls forum seems to be dead and gone Sad because I think they were on the right track. Hamilton is on his community forum trying to say Dyster had nothing to do with the bad courthouse contract or Modern contract, the  council passed, a golf course deal where the operators have no cash, they never produced a bond and are keeping their "investors" secret. Tompkins was only one to push the issue about their finances

What ever happened to the joke page that was in the Reporter every week until about three years ago?

The bat shit crazy corruption that's going on now is begging to be called out and made fun of. 

 Just a few things to think about. Unfortunately, the golf course is a done deal, but we will watch it closely.


Anyways that’s it for this week

as always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

February 8, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. So very sorry about the extreme lateness of this but I saw that Robert “cellphone” Restaino was going to appear on the Sal Paonessa Show and I wanted to hear him but looks like he disappointed everyone and never made it. Mr. R you are a real ball of fire. I guess we can now give you another name Robert “No Show” Restaino.

So last week we stated once the temperature breaks, we should see some political action and boy did it hit the fan. As anticipated, we saw Glenn Choolokian make it official for his mayoral bid on the Republican line, this should be interesting we have heard that No Show Bobby covets the cross endorsement. What does this do now? Does Republican Chairman bow down to the county Chair and allow Restaino to run on the line or will he have the courage to stand up and say No we have a Republican candidate.  What will you say Mr. Carroll?

Council race heating up on the Democrat side, we have heard rumors that Amber Hill Donhauser will run and she has made it official, one question we have right now is will she move into the city because we have heard she’s living on the Tuscarora Nation property, seems like that’s the new thing for Democratic candidates is they live out of town but run for office here in Niagara Falls….. right Ezra

Than out of the Blue and this one shocked us there was not even a murmur on this Alicia Liable Kenyon announces her bid for City Council that really rocked our world. For the record when she ran before, we beat her up on our site as she had been linked to Dyster as a solid puppet for him. 4 years ago, in the council race there apparently was a falling out and she displayed Kenny Tompkins lawn sign afterwards.

Her credentials are impressive she has done an outstanding job at Elderwood where she was selected executive of the year and they placed billboards proclaiming that quite an accomplishment. I think she will do well. In fact, I will give an early general election prediction, I will call the council race Kenny Tompkins top vote getter and Alicia takes the 2nd seat.

So where does that leave Ezra ‘Crash car” Scott, a of couple rumors floating 1 is that he going to run for Mayor the other is that he will not seek reelection.

Well Kudos to Chris “Coffee” Voccio yes you all heard me right. He actually posted some news about his work on the council. This was regarding the golf course which I still contend is a bad deal for the citizens.

Anytime a deal is rammed down our throats it can only be bad. Still though what concerns me was Republican Chairman Bill Carroll reply on Facebook, He praised Voccio up and down for his decision and how great it was for the community. Ok why am I concerned well Kenny Tompkins voted NO, both men are republicans 1 voted yes 1 voted no, but Kenny is running for reelection and Bill you through your incumbent councilman under the bus, not a good move you should have remained silent.

Okay the Voccio’s Financial Panel how many times are we going to do this, fortunately it was voted down.

It deserved to get voted down because:


1. it's the job of the elected council to fix the city's finances not "panels" 


2. it's ridiculous that Voccio the "conservative-libertarian-republican" keeps throwing more government after bad thinking it will fix the bad government 


3. Voccio still owes the voters a look at his secret "plan" to fix the city budget, the plan he told the voters about when he was campaigning


Take a look at Touma's remarks in the article. He said he was opposed to Voccio's review panel because the plan didn't include anything about increasing revenue.


In other words (as we always know with Touma) he is working behind the scenes to:

- Reassess taxpayers

- Increase the assessments

- Raise taxes

- Drop a trash fee on taxpayers

- Do absolutely nothing about the cost of government.

These bastards are not only going to refuse to cut the cost of government and fix what they and Dyster have broken they're going to work to find new ways of robbing the taxpayers so they can keep wasting and pocketing the taxpayer money. They are openly working to keep the crooked gravy train operating. 

There's too many highly paid employees due to Dyster (non-Union and union)

There's millions of dollars given to consultants

The mayor's NFC has never been properly audited 

Firemen run the city's election process and that's beyond debate 

Dyster has taken the overtime system and abused it 

There's too many political friends and family employees

Dyster has completely destroyed city government and council allowed him to do it 

And this is just for starters

And council says they don't  know where to cut?

Imagine if the five council members actually worked together openly to address the waste and bad city government instead of each cutting their own deals with Dyster. 









Absolutely everything listed above is well within the responsibilities of council.

Why isn't it being done?

The city government is like the addict whose bad behavior has gotten them into trouble. Is the answer to the addict's problem more bad behavior and continued addiction? Or is the answer an intervention and treatment? 

So, why all the game playing and dishonesty regarding the cure for the city? 


So, I challenge all the Council candidates. Whats your Plan please no lip service we already have that


We might have an extra article next week I am a little behind and I did promise some Isiah 61 stuff.

Anyways that’s it for this week

as always keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline

February 2, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week and as Dean Martin once said, “Baby its cold outside”. Hope everyone was safe from the elements these past few days . Well once the ice breaks the political waters should start to get muddy.

 Now I realize we live in a democracy  and anyone has the right to run for office, but come on Republican Chairman Carroll are you really going to let Michael Gawel dubbed the comeback kid by the gazette run for council? Word in coffee shops around town are laughing. Gawel is a nice guy but he can only hurt the Republicans chances of maintaining 1 seat or possibly taking 2. People still talk about losing his license as an attorney and CPA ,also talking about the time he jumped out the widow of his home naked and the cops found him nearby hiding in the bushes drunk. So, Bill Carroll do your job.

Democrats are very quiet no council candidates have even announced which is very very strange, of course this entire election cycle is weird you had candidate announcing in October for Mayor. While we here are not fans of either Seth “we are running for Mayor” Piccirillo or Robert “cellphone ”Restaino we will tip our hat to Seth at least he’s laying down some answers and telling people what his plans are, Cellphone Bobby has done nothing but spew political rhetoric presented no ideas just pointed out what’s wrong, what a joke. Republicans where are you? This is a great time to get the Mayors seat back

So, the golf course lease is still hot and heavy, will it move forward? I happened to be scrolling thru the Anello Taxpayer Facebook page and a few people asked him why the lease of the golf course failed in the past when you were mayor?" Anello replied that a city council  "cabal"  and the Reporter bad mouthed his golf course deal and stopped it from happening. What is this mysterious "cabal" he always talks about? Why do people ask a mayor who did jail time for advice on how to run good government? Things are so crazy in the city that voters are looking to convicted politicians for the answers.

We received an email from council candidate Corsaro we did post a bit of it last time but here is a small update she now has a web site so check it out.Shes a good woman has a heart of gold sincerely has the best interest of NF at heart but we just aren’t sure if she has what it takes to win we do wish her the best of luck. So, check out    www.CorsaroForNF.com     When you sign up with your email address you will receive newsletters and updates about the campaign.

Well I really tried to give Chris “Coffee” Voccio a break but he’s just too easy . I must ask ,Is this guy a councilman or a weatherman? Weatherman Voccio on Facebook warning people of possible flooding due to the ice buildup on the river. Gee, Chris, the weather service and all media outlets reported this five hours ago.

So, what hasn't Weatherman Voccio posted about today?

Nothing about:

The budget deficit

The future of the city with regard to bond rating

Violent crime


The real facts behind the golf course deal

Up to date info on the casino revenue

The facts behind the sale of the Gazette building and the city workers and trucks used to empty the building

Why, after 13 months in office, he has yet to reveal the finance plan he promised voters two years ago

Chris Voccio is a man of many talents:


Gun slinger

Gorge guide

Coffee klatch host

Real estate arranger

Party planner

Party attender

You don't see Councilman on the list because we have yet to see evidence that he is one.

You can take the publisher out of the Gazette, but you can't take the Gazette out of the city councilman.

The other night a dozen cars on Livingston Avenue had their tires slashed. And after the Gazette, Buffalo News, Spectrum News and The Action reported the vandalism, good old "scoop" Voccio posted the Buffalo News story to Facebook. Just in case everyone missed the reporting by the other four media outlets, Scoop was there to keep everyone informed.

It's not funny anymore.

Can't the councilman (who is paid by suffering city taxpayers to actually do some work) find something even remotely related to improving the city or fixing the city's financial picture?

In all seriousness, Mr. Councilman, what is going on with you?

Again, we say you just finished you thirteenth month on the job, and we have yet to see, read, or even hear about your mysterious plan to fix the city budget and finances. We'll wait. And we'll keep counting the months.

We will have some Isiah 61 thoughts and comments next week especially now that they have a new director in place.

*********** LAST MINUTE UPDATE********

Just received an email from a reader so I felt it necessary to place here instead of waiting till next week. We received a Facebook post written by none other than former council member Kristen Grandinetti

Unreal she really takes being clueless to a whole new level. If memory serves me correct, she voted many, many , many times to give the library money now she’s complaining. She’s complaining about the money being sent to the SPCA and no money given to NACC or block clubs. Here is a woman who for 8 years smiled and said YES to every insane waste of taxpayers dollars and casino revenue that Dyster wanted and has the audacity to call this year’s council the insane clown posse. Let me remind people some of the things you voted on, Hard Rock Café concert series, Isiah 61 firehall, that ugly sculpture on the roundabout, the waste of money on 3rd street, the sky high out of control salaries, the fireman’s contract. Your illegal Bed and Breakfeast, you certainly don’t have a lot of room to bitch.Yet after reading your post I can come up with 1 of 2 conclusions. That this is a prelude to your bid for reelection to council, or your laying the groundwork for Amber Hill Donhauser who we have heard will announce soon.

So as always folks keep the information flowing

The Pipeline

January 25,2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. First, I would like to congratulate Joe Pedulla on his appointment as new Fire Chief. I imagine he will do fine as he has years of experience in firefighting. Yet I have concerns he has been a rank and file member and a union representative for years, will he successfully make the distinction between union matters and employee matters? I guess time will tell.

So, Governor Cuomo has changed the primary season, primary voting will be in June which means petitions will start in February  and run through the month of March. Really who are the idiots that came up with this ? Incumbents  will definitely have the advantage. Candidates go door to door what resident is going to stand there with door open to have a conversation with a candidate in February and March? Therefore, the non-incumbent is going to have a harder time getting their message out. Bad move NY State

Ok I know I was going to cut Chris “Coffee” Voccio some slack BUT his latest City Council resolution sent me over the edge again, that was agenda item #19 So let me set the table for this agenda item.

The city has a lousy mayor, crummy finance department and irresponsible council.

- So, council candidates in 2017 claim if they are elected, they'll use their brilliant ideas to fix the budget.

- Candidate Voccio proudly tells voters he knows what it takes to fix the city because he fixed the Gazette.

- Voccio gets elected.

- Voccio immediately refuses to say or do anything to fix the 2019 budget.

- Voccio then works to create a citizen group to tell him how to fix the city budget.


How funny is this? Mr. Conservative, Mr. Small Government, Mr. I. Fixed the Gazette actually wants to fix the city spending problem by making government larger through citizen "panels" that will determine how the council should do the jobs they were elected and paid to do.

Sure, it makes perfect sense for gutless elected city officials. They'll wait for the "citizen panel" to recommend cuts to personnel and public safety and then blame that "citizen panel."

Just remember folks we already went thru this exercise of futility with a “Citizens Financial Panel”

Golf course deal, what a joke who’s reaping the rewards? This is the ice pavilion all over again. Here is what will happen City will put money in the golf course and give it to the new owners, who by the way are tied to the administration, the City will pay them to lease it and they will make a shit load of money. Just like they are doing at the pavilion.Something smells rotten here.

We notice there's suddenly a lot less food photos on the Restaino for Mayor site.

That's good. For a while we thought it was a "Restaino for Chef" campaign.We notice there's now quotes and photos from JFK and RFK on the site.Dyster uses JFK and RFK and MLK quotes and photos all the time. If  Dyster and Restaino both end up in the primary they'll have to flip a coin to see who gets to use JFK, RFK and MLK.Maybe they should just talk and think for themselves as candidates.  Nah, that's a crazy idea.

All city candidates may want to start talking like this:

- End Corruption

- Make Cuts

- Establish Credibility

We see that candidate Restaino (his website) is calling for transparency in city government. That's a wonderful idea. Maybe he'll tell the voters how much he was paid in total for doing the charter work.

And how much he's making at the Water Board.

And whether he's the lawyer putting the golf course deal together. If a mayor candidate that's demanding transparency is being paid to turn the taxpayer golf course over to private individuals, then the voters should know about it. Remember there is a tight bond between candidate Restaino and council chair Touma

And we find it interesting that Dyster is also pushing for the lease of the golf course. Maybe that explains in part why Restaino hasn't been criticizing Dyster. How in god's name can someone run for mayor without absolutely ripping Dyster and the last twelve years?

Well it looks like the the Pipeline was right about  Bobby "Cell Phone" Resatino and the Republican Party trying to buy the upcoming Niagara Falls mayoral election. (please click link below)

We hear the Piccirillo campaign may use this line:  "Piccirillo for mayor, because city hall doesn't need another lawyer"

And this little tidbit. There's city attorneys (more than one) working on a back door to Restaino in order to protect their highly paid positions.

Remember Seth, lawyers are like doctors, they stick together. And never forget that old saying:  "There's no honor among thieves. Or lawyers."

A final few observations:

Voccio has been in office for thirteen months and has yet to produce the document he promised the voters: a plan to fix the city deficit and spending problem. Did he work this slow at the Gazette?

Councilman Kennedy is being called the Invisible Councilman. Thirteen months on the job and zip. Maybe he didn't realize this was a real job and not an acting role.

Between salaries and health insurance (coverage or opt out cash) these two rookies have cost the city over $40,000 to date. The voters are receiving pennies on their taxpayer dollar with these councilmen.

Dyster, Touma, Tompkins, Kennedy, Scott, Voccio...and no attempt from any of them to create a spending plan much less make cuts to the annual budget to fix the deficit.

Casino funds still unsettled.

Deficit $15,000,000 and climbing.

Bond rating moving toward Junk status.

Violent crime exploding.

The good news? Chris Voccio is enjoying himself tremendously. The hospital had a swell "gala" recently. Dyster had fun announcing a new fire chief.


Niagara Falls is a very special place.

Anyways its time for coffee at my favorite place Tim Hortons

 so as always keep the information flowing,

The Pipeline

January 18, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite day of the week. So, the question of the week why did the Niagara Falls Waterboard director resign. So many rumors just don’t know which of them to believe. Well if you all remember last week, I made mention of a conversation I overheard about Choolokian running for Mayor and what happens he has a guest view column in Monday’s paper, if that isn’t a prelude to an official announcement, I don’t know what is. I am curious what Restaino thinks.


Restaino is a Democrat and the talk in the Niagara Falls coffee shops is Restaino, and former democratic chairman Nick Forester are working with Henry “The Rat” Wojtaszek and the Republican party to gain the Republican line for Restaino. It is going to get interesting fast as Governor Cumo is considering moving the primary date to June instead of September which means petitions would start in March.
We here listen to all the radio talk shows and the world-renowned Sal and Ro show but Sal your fawning over Dyster has to stop it is getting ridiculous. Now Sal is a retired city cop several years ago but for some reason he just can't quit pimping for the mayor and the department he used to work for. On his Sal and Ro show this week he said when the casino money starts flowing through Dyster's hands again that he hopes it's used for "good things like more police cars."......Sal the Pipeline still loves you but please stop kissing Mayor D's ass.

And people wonder why and how the casino cash was wasted to begin with?

Dyster has used the casino cash in the past to lease police cars repeatedly. And police computers, various police equipment and police overtime.

And Dyster used the money across city government for paving, salaries, politically created jobs, office rugs and drapes, loans and grants to campaign donors, computers, phones, Isaiah 61 fire hall, ice pavilion work, Aquarium penguins, school district donations, city wide vehicles time and again, parking consultants, engineer consultants, lawyer fees and a lot of similar things not related to economic development matters the money was ordered by the state to be directed toward. 

 And "that" Mr. Paonessa is exactly why the city is in the shape it's in and why the mayor and council ran the city into a deficit!

Question: how did the city operate day to day before the casino cash became available? Obviously, the government ran better and within its budget with lower property taxes and with less crime prior to the casino money. 

So, I have been getting some emails regarding my assessment of Chris “Coffee” Voccio I guess there are a few folks upset with me on that. So, I will temporarily hold back and give him a little bit of time to see if he comes around and starts to do some of the things he promised, mind you the leash will be short, but I will be fair.

I would think with the possibility of an early Primary we should start to see more candidates come out and the few candidates that have announced should start to tell us their plans. I will say with Seth weather you like him or not at least he’s putting down some plans and ideas, Robert Restaino other than making the restaurant or event circuit he has said nothing meaningful, but I’m not surprised as it appears, he’s trying to buy the election.

So, the January periodic financial disclosure reports are out. I am somewhat confused, Restaino was said to have a huge fundraiser maybe 100-200 people yet only shows donations of about $2,900 and a $15,000 loan from himself to his committee  strange if you ask me.

I’m going to take a few days and study Seth “we are running for Mayor” financials before I comment. If anyone wants to jump ahead just go to NY Stated board of elections financial disclosure report as it is all public info.

 This week I’m going to keep it short as I have been battling flu symptoms an haven’t made my usual rounds on the coffee shop circuit, but we will be back out and about Monday.

So as always keep the information flowing

The Pipeline



January 11, 2019

Anyways rumors a plenty from the Ngara Falls Water Board, was Executive Director Rolf Porter forced to resign, been fired or asked to resign? Things are sure tight lipped there and Why ? Wasn’t he the puppet of board member Nick Forster? Another Hot Rumor is Forester is bringing in former Niagara Falls city council member Charles Walker who was let go at Memorial Medical Hospital, word is Walker will be the new Water Board HR director for a salary of over $100,000  If you ask me something smells rotten and its not the smell at the waste water plant.....we will have more information as it comes in.

Well let’s get the public service announcements out of the way first. We received an announcement from Candace Corsaro, I will post part of it as it has been in the paper and on Facebook.


Candace Corsaro


Candidate Niagara Falls City Council


Together We Will Win the Battle and Together We Will Make a Difference Candace J. Corsaro Announces my Candidacy for 2019 City Council seat Niagara Falls, New York. Born and raised in Niagara Falls my parents: Clifton and Anne ( Eodice) Van Epps. I am the middle of six children with family members with Union and Military background. I attended local schools. In 1964-1968 I attended Trott Vocational High School and obtained my New York State License in Cosmetology to follow in my mother’s footsteps and opened a number of salons in our city. I am a mother of three fantastic children and a grandmother to six wonderful children. What I’ve heard while talking with residents and business owners is that we all want safe and affordable neighborhoods and share a vision of our City with a thriving business base community where common-sense and responsible development enhances our quality of life. I will work diligently to ensure that your voice is a part of the decision-making process. Holding public hearings at City Hall isn’t enough. For those community members with children, or who work third shift or who are homebound, I will create opportunities to ensure that you have a voice in to help shaping the direction of our City. With the combination of my extensive experience an along with qualified residents and personnel in local and state government, WE will make measured decisions that keep our neighborhoods safe, unique, and affordable. As a city council member, I plan to form committees made up of residents from all our neighborhoods. These committees will provide a well-rounded group of representatives of the diverse needs of our city. I will also ensure our community has the tools it needs to address growing safety concerns. I will knock on many doors to get input from community members about their needs from City government and about the concerns and ideas they have. NO… I cannot and will not be controlled by anyone. ………..Please join us on Tuesday January 29th, 2019 at 6pm: JR’s Stone Room, Niagara Falls Ice Pavilion 911 Robbins Drive , Niagara Falls NY for my formal announcement and fund raiser Cost $25.00 pr. Person. Contributions can also be sent to and made out : Committee to Elect- Candace Corsaro. c/o 1323 Pine Avenue Niagara Falls, NY 14303.


Best of Luck Candace, so with the first council person announcement we expect to see more in the coming weeks.

Well the Casino funds are back, yet I feel even though it is binding arbitration reading the Seneca’s statement my gut feeling is they are going to appeal, also my gut feeling is that with the return of the Casino funds we will see Dyster announce his reelection bid

A big Thank You to councilman Chris “coffee” Voccio for his riveting expose on the Go Train to Toronto. We love the way he steals Gazette and Buffalo News stories from Facebook and reposts them with his photo and opinion. This guy happily left the newspaper business, gets elected to council because he claimed to have great ideas for better government, then he refuses to participate in the budget process and now he's got the balls to act like a Western Union messenger by delivering Facebook newspaper stories with his opinion attached. 

Well try again: Mr. Councilman if you're bored and have nothing to do except repost news stories like they're your own and ride a train to a foreign city why not take some time to dive into the city finances, violent crime, public safety costs, road and street infrastructure, casino expenditures, confusing trash program and trash contract, non-transparency of city hall, high city taxes and the overall irresponsible actions of the city government? Or better yet can we get him to take the Go Away train?

We here at the Pipeline receive an email for a person known as Longshire and he/she sends it as a group email to us, the Mayor and all 5 councilman and over the past year the only councilman that responds to “Longshire” is councilman Tompkins, Kudos to you Kenny.

Stopped at breakfast place Roast and Toast on Walmore road, very nice little place but did over hear a conversation with some people I didn’t recognize, and the talk was that it looks like Choolokian will announce he’s running for Mayor as well as another Democrat announcing, should be very interesting


Anyways it looks like another crappy weekend got to head to tops for some stuff,


As always keep the information flowing,

 The Pipeline

January 4, 2019

Finally Friday my favorite Day of the week. I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s. With that in mind it is the start of silly season here in Niagara Falls aka campaign time as former Mayor Jake Palillo would say. Personally, I am surprised there hasn’t been more candidates come out for Mayor yet. My dark horse candidate to announce for Mayor is Jay Zona and over on the Republican side the surprise candidate for Mayor will Ralph Aversa who has politically stayed dormant for a few years, but we heard he may make a comeback.

Well Andy “crime not an issue in NF” Touma has been named Council Chairman once again by a 4-1 vote which I was surprised to see. I was surprised because I didn’t know Voccio changed to democrat, yet we here at the Pipeline have said this since day one that Voccio was a Dyster Democrat and he continues to show it .Now I realize Coffee Chris will say his vote didn’t matter because it would have been 3-2.That's not the point Chris you left your Republican partner holding the bag but you have officially shown your hand.

Funny how some people thing the Council chairman spot is ceremonial, well people it’s not.

The chairman sets the agenda. The chairman owns the agenda and the meetings. They chairman can literally keep anything off the agenda including the mayor himself. The chairman - if he was honest - could slash Dyster's budget to pieces and organize the council majority for budget vetoes gutting the mayor's spending. The chairman can contact the state and federal government whenever he wants and demand answers to bad government and possible illegal government activities. 


The facts are that it isn't the chairmanship that's bullshit it's the way the Dyster administration has scared the council into pissing their pants and giving up their powers that's the bullshit. The morons at the Gazette don't seem to understand that. In other words, the council isn't doing their job because they're too busy kissing Dyster's ass and hiding under their desks in city hall. 


Why is Touma repeating as chairman?

Because Touma is Dyster's sneaky pal. He's the good cop to Dyster's bad cop.

 So, Saturday starts the monthly Coffee with Chris sessions, his first one was at Knacks Café I was glad I got there early while I didn’t sit at the table, I was close enough to hear the conversation, what a load of political rhetoric I wanted to throw up right there. I can’t believe he believes what comes out of his mouth rather see Ezra stay in office instead of this guy.Yet one can’t wonder if his main goal is to destroy Niagara Falls. He started with the gazette and they are on life support, he worked very diligently on the 2019 budget and offered nothing.

I’m really concerned about his bragging that his gun holds 10 rounds. For the record I am not a fan of the safe act and I am a member of the NRA and a pistol permit holder. I have issues with his bragging

"My primary carry weapon holds a 10-round magazine..."

 Really Councilman Voccio?

 So, you are boasting on Facebook as an elected official about the particulars of the handgun that you "carry." What a fucking moron. It's called "concealed carry" for a reason. 

 And note that he wrote his "primary carry weapon." How many handguns do you have that you carry, Dirty Harry Voccio? 

 Are you "carrying" in city hall or on other city premises? Are you armed at council meetings and at your coffee meetings and in the gorge?

You are not allowed to carry a gun in city hall. Period.

This clown must clear this up. Is he armed at meetings and in city hall? 

Is he armed while sitting at the coffee shop meetings talking to unaware citizens looking up to him as a responsible city elected official? I think we just found out why Dirty Harry Voccio is so big and bad and unafraid around town in the face of the rising crime: he is always armed and dangerous . And dumb as a box of rocks. 

And if he thinks he can get around this law forbidding guns in city hall by ditching his "weapon" in his vehicle to enter city hall that is a big illegal act...keeping the gun in his vehicle could result in prosecution let alone the immediate revocation of his pistol permit. 

Speaking of assholes in city hall Paul Dyster also has a pistol permit. We mentioned this month . And at that time, we suspected the drunken mayor was routinely packing heat while inside city hall. We want to know if he is armed on the job and ready to possibly use deadly force on grandma when she visits city hall to pay her taxes or complain about lousy city services.  The drunk has a pistol permit and Narcan training. What the fuck kind of life is the bleeding-heart drunken democrat mayor leading where he must be armed 24/7 and trained in the use of an OD drug?

What an irresponsible, dangerous and screwed up city government we have.

So, as we gang bangers say on the street, "the mayor and the councilman are heavy." 

Just don't piss these two assholes off or they might bust a cap in your ass.

Yup, Dirty Harry Voccio and Dead Eye Dyster. 

Two of the nastiest desperados this side of Pine Avenue.

We wonder who has the longest barrel, Dirty Harry Voccio or Dead Eye Dyster?

We suspect they have barrel measuring contests in the mayor's office after the council meetings.

Yup. We suspect a lot of things when it comes to city hall and indecent behavior. 

Not sure how many of you saw the article about crime in New York state but Niagara Falls was ranked #1.

 What a shame yet not surprising. Night after night and day after day over the past several months there's one armed robbery after another.

Isn't it time for an elected city official to step up and address the situation? 

How about a town hall meeting with the police chief and outside violent crime experts from across WNY invited to meet with the residents?

 The city is already lost to violent criminals.

 Looks like the thugs just don't give a shit about the new Dyster train station, the metal sculpture downtown, the casino money running out and Dyster's highly paid brain trust in city hall. Dyster’s city hall may be inspiring the criminal behavior. 

Seth “we are running for Mayor” Piccirillo we here at the Pipeline have a few questions for you.


Won’t answer the  questions on his $1,800,000 bailout for misspending federal funds.

- The obviously crooked Highland Fire Hall renovation scam.

- All of Isaiah 61 from beginning to end.

- His being hired as CD. Director with no qualifications and then being hired as code enforcement director with no qualifications and no state credentials as a trained enforcement officer. 

- The collapsed home on Centre avenue and the reuse Isaiah 61 "store".

- Paying people to live in the city.

- Hiring friends to paint fire hydrants and building and alleys and crosswalks

-Let’s not forget your scam to pay students to live here.

And why at 9:21 am on Friday was he posting to his campaign Facebook page about his campaign? Are we as tax payers paying him to campaign or are, we paying him to do his job?

How can a city government and political environment become so corrupt and out of control?

It happened because when Dyster hit town all bets were off and city hall was given a free pass to lie cheat and steal from the taxpayers.

And yet one of Dyster’s right hand men wants to be the next Mayor to clean up what he was part of, only in Niagara Falls does this shit happen


Don’t worry friends I am not giving Robert “Cellphone “ Restaino a free pass he’s just as bad or maybe even worse......alot more info to come...Stayed Tuned Bat Friends.

On a final budget note,first we would like to thank our city hall inside source on the info that you sent the Pipeline, yes, the budget is terrible, but I have a question for the Dyster minion’s especially those at the NAAC, back when Fruscione, Anderson and Choolokian were on the council and casino funds were held up and those three councilmen had to cut funding at the NAAC and other non- for profits so there would not be a tax increase on all the taxpayers of Niagara Falls. You folks all screamed bloody murder. Looking at this year’s budget ZERO dollars are going there yet you all are as quiet as a church mouse, what a frickin bunch of hypocrites you are.


Anyways that’s it for this week will have some Waterboard info for you all next week,

As always keep the information flowing,

 The Pipeline